Here's How Kate And William Feel After Their Dramatic Royal Tour
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On their first official tour since COVID-19 started, Prince William and Kate Middleton traveled to the Caribbean to represent the British monarchy. At some destinations, they were met with an outpouring of affection and support, but other stops were public relations disasters.
A planned appearance in Belize was canceled when citizens of a small village protested the couple’s intention to use a local soccer field as a helicopter landing site. In Jamaica, the prime minister said he wanted his country to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state, while William and Kate silently stood next to him.
The Cambridges had been excited about their first post-COVID tour, but their perspective changed once they arrived in the Caribbean and realized how deeply angry people were about the U.K.’s role in the history of slavery. Prince William even gave a statement apologizing for the royal family's role in the Jamaican slave trade.
Now that they're back on British soil, the Cambridges have had time to reflect on their trip and consider the way they will plan and conduct tours in the future. According to an insider, royal visits will now be limited to locations where the British royal family’s presence could be productive.