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General Hospital Relationship Timeline: Anna And Robert
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Robert Scorpio Arrives
The mystery of the Ice Princess brought WSB agent Robert Scorpio to Port Charles way back in 1980 when helped Luke thwart Mikkos’ plan. After quitting his job, he decided to stay in Port Charles where he entered into a romance with Holly Sutton.
Anna Devane Arrives
At first, it seemed Anna was only interested in Holly's jewels, but eventually, Holly learned that Anna was Robert's first wife. While they had only been married a very short time, Anna gave birth to Robert's daughter Robin, and gave the baby away though they later found her and brought her to Port Charles.
Anna and Robert might have had a little girl they were raising together by 1985, but that didn't mean they were ready to reunite as a couple. Eventually, they married for the second time, but tragedy struck when Anna, Robert, and Faison were all presumed dead in a boat explosion, leaving Robin to be raised by her uncle Mac.
Back From The Dead
In 2001, Anna turned up alive, but she spent several years living in Pine Valley on the sister soap "All My Children" before returning to Port Charles. In 2006, it turned out Robert was also alive and had been forced into hiding, but soon Robert learned he had colon cancer and left for treatment in Europe.
friends... for now
While Anna has remained a permanent fixture in Port Charles since 2011, Robert comes and goes. For a while, he was married to Holly again, but she's been presumed dead since 2020 and Anna is romantically involved with Valentin, and Robert doesn't like that idea one bit.