COVID-19 has transformed everyone's lives and changed how businesses operate, which has naturally resulted in changes within the wedding industry. Countless weddings have been put on hold during the pandemic, and many wedding vendors, especially florists, have been severely impacted by everybody's loss of income.
Couples are often pressured to book vendors at their first meeting with a wedding planner. These days, once you find a vendor, you’ll be paying more than usual due to labor costs and inflation, and another limitation on weddings today for both couples and vendors is a major flower shortage, including popular flowers like roses and carnations.
In 2020, “floral growers lost so much with all the wasted or unsold products,” says Rishi Patel, chief executive of HMR Designs. Flower farms that had to lay off workers lost up to 90% of their business, and flower prices have risen from $1.50 a stem to at least $3 or more, with white flowers being 25% to 50% more expensive.
Since couples now have to get more creative to stretch their budget, alternative weddings such as micro-weddings and backyard gatherings are popular. If you want to get married in 2022, it’s important to have patience and flexibility; go easy on your florist and maybe order some untraditional but easier-to-find flowers.