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Expert Reveals The No. 1 Way People Misuse The Enneagram
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The Enneagram is a personality test that assigns test takers to one of nine Enneagram types with unique monikers, such as "the Achiever" and "the Individualist." We spoke with the CEO of Truity – an Enneagram testing site with a broad range of personality typing resources — about helpful and harmful ways to interpret our Enneagram personality insights.
Truity's Molly Owens says, "The best way to use the Enneagram is to allow it to point you toward areas of growth," adding that "The Enneagram is so focused on fears and beliefs that may limit us," such as anger for Enneagram Ones and shame for Enneagram Threes. However, if you take these potential pitfalls for granted, you could run into trouble.
Owens explains that a "superficial understanding" of the Enneagram "can lead people to feel as if they're being pigeonholed," as if we're doomed to shoulder the pitfalls of our personalities, rather than being empowered to conquer them. The goal of the test is not to resign yourself to pitfalls, but to "shed light on these assumptions so that we can transcend them," Owens adds.