Who could possibly say no when offered no-heat and exquisite waves at a reasonable price? We've done our homework on the TikTok-Viral heatless curling headband, and we're here to tell you whether you should take a chance on the unconventional way to transform dull hair into voluminous curls overnight.
The heatless curling headband appears to be superior to other heatless curling techniques like Velcro rollers and sleeping in braids for a more organic crimp. Glamour staff members with various hair types and styles evaluated the trend in 2020, and the majority of the findings were favorable, with Glamour's Deputy Editor Anna Moesleine saying, "I woke up to the bounciest curls of my life."
Begin by wrapping your hair into two pigtails with the headband starting at the base of your scalp, and then twist the two portions of your hair starting from top to bottom until your entire head is wrapped up. Unless your hair naturally holds curls, the headband works best with damp hair and should be used in conjunction with a texturizing spray or hairspray.