In 2016, “Fixer Upper" client Jaime Ferguson’s home was remodeled, and she cleared up some questions during an interview. Ferguson revealed, “Kyle and I had to decide what we really loved because our budget at that point was pretty spent,” referring to the furniture used on reveal day.
Once Chip and Joanna are done remodeling homes, clients can choose what they wish to purchase, and the rest goes. Similar to Ferguson’s experience, client Rachel Whyte said in 2018 that keeping all the staging furniture means you’d have to get rid of your own, but she adds that anything carpenter Clint Harp makes custom stays in the renovated home.
Whyte explained that even though she could have chosen to buy the furniture, she felt more excited to “fill our home with our things and make it ours.” Joanna Gaines made it clear in 2015, saying, “The furniture budget is not part of the renovation budget, it’s something some clients add at the end.”