Sami Sheen with her 19t birthday cake
Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen’s Daughter Looks Drastically Different After Plastic Surgery
Many celebrities, including Denise Richards, have been open about their negative experiences undergoing the knife, but this hasn't deterred others from having cosmetic surgery.
Per Page Six, OnlyFans creator Sami Sheen, Richards' daughter with Charlie Sheen, had breast enhancement surgery at only 19 years old in November 2023.
Sami took to Instagram in December 2023 to unveil her new look. One of the pictures didn't even show her face at all; instead, it accentuated the work she had done.
Her posts received mixed comments from supporters who loved her new look and others who felt the change was unnecessary.
Per Page Six, Sami made vlog-style updates about her surgery on her Instagram and Snapchat stories leading up to, during, and immediately after the procedure.
In one post, she said, "Guess who got a new rack todayyyy." Despite her excitement, she was also candid about armpit, back, and neck pain post-operation.
The drastic physical change Sheen experienced came with a positive spin. The surgery required her to be nicotine-free for at least four weeks prior, so she had to stop vaping.
When Bustle published a piece on Sami in October 2023, her parents were also interviewed. Richards admitted that she tried to convince her daughter not to get the surgery.