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Controversial Chip And Joanna Gaines Moments We Can’t Forget
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Anti-LGBTQIA Church
In 2016, a Buzzfeed article reported that the Gainses go to a church and are evidently good friends with a pastor who preaches explicitly anti-LGBTQIA sermons.
Joanna and Chip had weak responses that neither confirmed nor denied if they held views similar to the pastor, who called them his "dear friends."
EPA Fine
Chip and Joanna were fined $40,000 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for failing to represent the dangers of lead paint on their shows properly.
They promptly paid the fine, talked about the dangers of lead paint in an episode of "Fixer Upper," and created a stand-alone video about lead paint safety.
Chip and Joanna have five children and speak candidly about how their family is their priority. Still, they're running nearly a dozen different businesses.
In 2018, a USA Today article questioned if they could do it all professionally and still make their family their number one priority, noting it's not possible for most people.
Joanna has long sold a popular line of merchandise at Target, Hearth & Hand with Magnolia. In the summer of 2023, Target released a merchandise collection for Pride Month.
Some fans viewed Chip and Joanna as Christian influencers and were upset Magnolia continued selling their merchandise at a retailer with Pride merch; the Gainses didn't comment.
Chip Sued
Just before "Fixer Upper" took off, Chip bought out his Magnolia Real Estate Company partners but didn't tell them he had signed a contract with HGTV.
Chip's former partner filed a $1 million lawsuit against him, claiming Chip defrauded him as he knew the business would likely boom with the show's success.