Many actors’ lives get challenged by a role in a show or movie, and it can rattle their own beliefs in the real world. Shane West’s role in the film “Chariot” challenged his own personal philosophies on the possibility of reincarnation.
“Chariot” focuses on a reincarnation system on Earth, but West said that growing up, he “hated that idea [of reincarnation],” although he has come around on it a bit more, admitting that no one can know for sure. Ultimately, for West, the prospect of forgetting loved ones hurt more as he aged, and his perspective changed.
West notes that “Chariot” made him think, saying, “When you have so many feelings like you've been there before, maybe you've had this conversation before or I swear to God, I met that guy,” it makes you think there is something more to it. He says the idea of reincarnation is “not as sad as it sounds.”