Celebrities Who Look Totally Different With Their Natural Hair
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Mandy Moore was a natural honey blonde long before she became Rebecca Pearson from "This Is Us." Moore says her brown hair, which she first embraced for her role in “A Walk to Remember,” is the color that "feels the most like [her]."
Mandy Moore
Zendaya straightened her naturally curly hair when she first started her career at a young age to fit in with her public image. However, as she grew older, she tried everything she could to reclaim her lovely natural curls, which she now flaunts at award presentations and movie premieres.
Blake Lively was born with hair much darker than her distinctive Serena van der Woodsen blonde tint on "Gossip Girl." During her pregnancies, Lively briefly broke the internet when she stopped dying her hair and revealed her true color to her followers.
Blake Lively
Leighton Meester is really the natural blonde in our favorite bestie combo, with hair that is closer to Lively's character’s hair color. Meester was blonde until she auditioned for "Gossip Girl," for which she dyed her hair brown and became the iconic Blair Waldorf.
Leighton Meester
Gabrielle Union launched her own hair care line, Flawless, in March 2017, with the goal of giving women with textured hair "great hair days." Union decided to embrace her natural hair after years of using relaxers in her hair, which had resulted in damage to her scalp.
Gabrielle Union