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Can You Travel By Plane While Pregnant?
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Pregnancy takes a toll on the body, and a surprising amount of factors can influence your emotional and physical health when you're expecting. Some couples like to go on a "babymoon" before the baby is born, and while a nice celebratory trip isn't a bad idea, there are things you need to know if you'll be flying to your destination.
It’s recommended that you only fly if you're under 36 weeks pregnant, since past 36 weeks, there is a greater risk of going into labor. You may also want to avoid plane travel if you are experiencing any complications like cramping or blood clots, and as always, you should visit with your doctor and get a check-up before leaving.
Once you’ve been cleared to travel, you should also check your insurance to see if they cover health emergencies, and purchase flight insurance. The best time to travel when pregnant is usually your second trimester, since you’ll feel less tired and have more mobility, and it’s recommended to sit in an aisle seat and wear comfortable clothes.