Jessica Simpson is not only a singer and actress, but also a businesswoman. In 2004, she launched her Dessert beauty line, which was one of the first cosmetics brands to be edible and lickable, but many Simpson fans are still curious about what happened to the Dessert line and if it is still available today.
Simpson's Dessert line didn't survive long, as it was pulled from the stores after Cosmojet, the company that manufactured the items, sued Simpson, the brand, and Sephora for $200,000, claiming they weren't paid the full amount they were promised for the products. Dessert was sued again by Mara Fox, who claimed that the name "Love Potion" was taken from her.
Dessert and its newer releases Dessert Treats and Sweet Kisses were discontinued in 2006, but some Dessert products may still be available on Ebay or Amazon. If you're looking for a comparable edible product, check out Urban Decay's lickable body powder in honey, cherry, and hot flavors.