A pregnant woman stands gently holding her stomach in the kitchen of her home with fresh picked spring flowers in vase.
Can You Eat Crab While Pregnant?
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There are many things to be cautious of when you’re pregnant, especially which foods you should and shouldn’t eat to ensure the safety of your baby. Seafood goes under a lot of scrutiny when it comes to safety for pregnant women, due to high mercury levels found in certain fish, but what about crab and other sea creatures?
There are a few seafood items that are safe to eat while pregnant, and crab is one of them, along with salmon, anchovies, and shrimp. Eating 8 to 12 ounces of low-mercury seafood per week can actually reduce your child’s risk of diabetes and heart disease, and both crab and lobster are great sources of protein to keep your energy up.
Seafood that is high in omega-3s can also reduce your risk of postpartum depression; however, remember that too much mercury can damage your baby’s nervous system. Steer clear of big fish, as they usually contain more mercury, and make sure your seafood is fully cooked before you consume it to avoid foodborne illness.