Britney Spears has always been vocal and rather no-filter on social media, from speaking her mind about her toxic family members to giving love to her fans after the #FreeBritney movement liberated her from her strict conservatorship. However, Spears’ May 10, 2022 Instagram posts have fans thinking she's pushing the envelope too much.
In the Instagram pics, Spears is completely naked, covering her modesty with her hands and a heart emoji. Her caption was innocent enough — “Photo dump of the last time I was in Mexico BEFORE there was a baby inside me” — but worried fans commented on Britney's over-sharing and the somewhat bizarre and exploitative nature of the photos.
One fan commented, “You don’t need that,” while another wrote, “Those eyes look like they're screaming for someone to help her.” While some worried that Britney was sending cries for help in her post, another netizen wrote, “Britney was forced to be silent and controlled against her will [...] If she wants to pose naked then that's her right.”