Donald Trump sitting and posing.
Body Language Expert Explains Donald Trump’s ‘On Brand’ Fraud Trial Behavior
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By Britt Hawes and Tena Tuzla
On Monday, October 2, 2023, former President Donald Trump appeared in a Manhattan courthouse to hear the opening statements of his civil fraud trial.
According to body language expert and communication coach Jess Ponce III, Trump remained as combative as ever as the opening statements were delivered.
"Image is everything to him [Trump] — and for him to sit there, not in control of the situation or narrative — definitely makes him uncomfortable," Ponce told Women Lifestyle exclusively.
Despite Trump's attempt to play it cool, Ponce spotted several signs of anxiety bubbling beneath his calm appearance, which included Trump's mean mugging of everyone around him.
"This is to the point where he most definitely wants to explode. This explains the scowl on his face, which we've seen is not uncommon when he has to sit quietly," Ponce noted.
"He's very aware that people are watching him and he remains steadfast about his innocence — and that he is the victim of a witch hunt," Ponce said, studying Trump's eyes.
Ponce described Trump's posture as "alert" and added, "he's not cracking under the pressure [...] he is preserving his energy until he has the figurative and literal microphone."