Ivanka Trump addressing a rally
Body Language Expert Breaks Down Ivanka Trump's Trial Testimony Tensions
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In the $250 million fraud case against the Trump organization, Ivanka Trump's testimony on November 8, 2023, was
markedly different from her
usual public persona.
Body language expert Jess Ponce III observed that although Ivanka "looked sharp and professional," she displayed notable discomfort under the intense scrutiny
of the situation.
As Ivanka arrived at the courthouse, she was met with a hostile crowd chanting phrases like "crime family," marking a stark deviation from the adulation she is accustomed to.
Ponce III pointed out her attempts to ignore the crowd, noting her "tense and awkward" body language, unusual for someone who normally engages warmly with the public.
This reaction was indicative of her distress in the face
of negative attention, particularly in a setting
so far removed from the glamorous and controlled environments she prefers.
This court appearance, as per the expert's analysis, signals Ivanka’s discomfort with the current situation and her desire to distance herself from these legal troubles.