Classic beauty brand Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has consistently produced high-quality products that fans keep coming back for. However, technique is just as important as the products you start with, and Bobbi Brown herself has shared her brand vision and top tips for creating a natural, vibrant complexion.
Brown’s vision for “the natural look” involves minimalist makeup products with lightweight formulas, so that women can feel confident in the skin they’re in and emphasize their natural beauty. Brown's first tip is to prioritize your skin by “Eating right and treating it [your skin] with the best-quality things possible for you.”
Brown also says that hydration is key, and moisturizing will instantly wake up your skin and make it look better. Highlighting is an easy way to add vibrance and glow, and Brown recommends applying it to spots that naturally pop out: “find the most flattering feature on your face and add a little sparkle or shine.”
Brown may prefer the natural look, but she also enjoys a pop of color, saying, “I think everyone looks better with blush. So whether it's just a bit of color or a brighter shade, that’s up to you.” Her go-to flattering shade for lips and eyes is (fittingly) brown, but says to experiment and see if cool, warm, or neutral browns look the best on you.