Blac Chyna's Lawsuit Against The Kardashians Finally Has A Winner
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The Kardashians have won their case against Robert's ex-wife, Blac Chyna. In case you missed it, Chyna alleged to the tune of $100 million that she'd been defamed by the Kardashians and that her E! show, "Rob & Chyna," was canceled because of Kris Jenner and her daughters.
According to Chyna's attorney, Jenner used racially offensive words to characterize her son's former wife in texts to E! producers. Chyna was accused of being physically and verbally abusive to Rob, and it was even claimed that she drew a gun at him after assaulting him with a metal rod.
Meanwhile, the Kardashians were not present in the Los Angeles courthouse when the verdict was given, as the entire family attended the Met Gala‌. Chyna did not get any monetary compensation as a result of the verdict, and she was unable to hold her would-be in-laws liable for the failure of her program or for slander.