Concealer is an essential makeup product for brightening under the eyes, covering up blemishes, and smoothing out fine lines. The first step is finding the right concealer is finding the right shade(s) for you, but there are also plenty of tricks when it comes to application, and model Denise Vasi has a great hack for brightening and lifting the face.
Vasi uses the Kosas Revealer Concealer, which contains good-for-skin ingredients hyaluronic acid and peptides. Her hack involves using three shades of concealer to tackle different areas of the face, instead a one-shade-fit-all approach. Vasi uses shade 6 to lighten the dark circles, uses shade 7 to cover imperfections, and shade 8 to contour and lift her face.
Even if you can't afford to use three different concealers, Vasi says that less is always more. She recommends using only "a few dots" of concealer per area so "you don't feel like you're wearing any makeup, but you have some coverage.” Concealer is a thicker formula than foundation, so you don’t need to use anywhere near the same amount.