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Beautiful Virtue Names To Consider For Your Baby
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Virtue names can add an underlying meaning to your child's name, and patience is probably one of the first that comes to mind. The name Patience is of Latin origin, meaning "enduring" or "forbearing," and has some interesting variations, like Paish, Paishey, Patty, and Pat, which can be used as nicknames.
We often think of faith regarding religious beliefs, but it can also be used to portray confidence in something. Meaning "trust" or "confidence elevated to the highest level," Faith is a feminine name of Latin origin ranked in the top 200 choices for families, according to the Social Security Administration.
Coming from the Hebrew word lēwī, Levi means "joined" and has modern appeal with ancient roots, appearing in the book of Genesis in the Bible. The name skyrocketed to America's top 12 baby names in 2021 and is also popular worldwide.
The name Mercy is of English origin and dates back to the late 19th century as a Puritan favorite, meaning "compassion" or "kindness." Although the name peaked in popularity in 2019, it still didn't crack the top 500, so if you pick this name, your child will probably be unique.
Grace is a beautiful, classic name that has reached the top 10 charts in popularity in Australia and Ireland while consistently ranking in the top 40 in the United States. The name is of Latin origin (from the word "grâtia") and means "favor" or "blessing," exuding the virtues of kindness, favor, and thanks.