Barack and Michelle Obama
Barack Obama Prepared Sasha And Malia For Cali Life With A Papa Bear Warning
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Malia and Sasha Obama live together in California, much to the delight of Michelle and Barack Obama. Even so, the former president occasionally gets concerned.
Since his daughters reside in California, Barack texts and emails to disseminate info on earthquakes. "He’s still typical [Dad]," Michelle told People magazine.
Michelle told NPR, “In the middle of the night, he’s sending some article on a 10-step plan that includes, [...] getting earthquake training and stocking up on water.”
Malia and Sasha sometimes laugh at their dad’s missives, but they are aware of what could happen. Obama is a loving father and takes his parental responsibilities seriously.
Obama showed his fatherly side even while he was president. He included dad jokes and puns in his speeches and always made time for his daughters amid his presidential duties.