Virgos are very particular when it comes to their living spaces; they keep things organized and even their cars are clean inside and out. Even though Virgos are grounded people, they still deserve to kick back and relax when they want to, and this is the perfect vacation spot for this usually very practical and no-nonsense sign.
A Virgo's element is Earth, so vacationing in Cape Town, South Africa is a good fit; the location is surrounded by beautiful nature, and the intellectual Virgo sign will enjoy learning about the local culture. Astrologer Cameron Martin says that history- and relaxation-loving Virgos will love to study Cape Town's history and lounge on the beach.
Once you’ve decided on Cape Town as your destination spot, you should consider a wine tasting to get the flavors of various wines from South Africa, as well as a bus tour to learn everything you can about the area. There are also many museums to visit and even local wildlife to see, so indulge in the natural beauty this town can show you!