NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 06: Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn depart Zuma on October 06, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Jackson Lee/GC Images)
Are Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Compatible Based On Their Zodiac Signs?
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Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn have kept their relationship fairly private, but this has only led to even more speculation about the couple and their compatibility. In terms of astrology, Swift is a Sagittarius, which makes her optimistic and impulsive, while Alwyn is a Pisces, a sign that is said to be empathetic and sensitive.
Though Sagittarius and Pisces are both full of optimism, this can make it hard for them to face reality. A couple with these signs often goes all-in and idealizes their relationship as flawless, without considering issues like distance, scheduling conflicts, and other difficulties, resulting in nasty surprises and the downfall of their relationship.
However, Swift and Alwyn have kept things strong for quite a while, despite their busy schedules. Also, their moon and element signs complement each other; Alwyn is sweet and loving on account of being a water sign, and according to his and Swift's birth charts, they both
like to stay home and are intellectual-leaning people.