Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faces plenty of hate, mostly from the right, which journalist Andrea González-Ramírez says is because “we are not used to seeing young women of color in positions of power.” Regardless, Ocasio-Cortez has held her head high and continues to push for progressive politics, but not at the expense of enjoying her personal life.
She recently shared very exciting news with the world, confirming the rumors that longtime partner Riley Roberts has gone from boyfriend to fiancé. She is not rushing to pick out a wedding dress, cake, or venue, though, as she said, “We’re taking some space to savor this time.”
Congratulations have flooded in on Twitter, with one user commenting, “Your ring gotta be made of tinfoil otherwise the right’s gonna flip,” to which Ocasio-Cortez responded, “Close! It's zero emission and recycled gold.” The couple met in college and split when they graduated, but luckily, they rekindled their romance and are now happier than ever.