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A Breakdown Of The Rumored Drama Between Jennifer Lopez & Jennifer Garner
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If grapevines are to be believed, Jennifer Lopez reportedly harbors feelings of jealousy towards the close bond her husband Ben Affleck shares with his
ex-wife Jennifer Garner.
In October 2023, an insider told Life & Style magazine that "The jealousy J.Lo feels over their deep connection is intense," and a feud had been brewing between the two women.
"She (Lopez) let Jen know she doesn't appreciate how much of her husband's time Jen has been taking up," the insider claimed, adding, "They're currently in a big fight
over Ben."
Lopez's discomfort has allegedly led to confrontations and heated arguments. She insists that Affleck should focus more on their marriage and less on his past relationship.
Affleck, on his part, values his friendship with Garner, often seeking her advice, and has made attempts to create a harmonious relationship between the two women in his life.
He has proposed double dates involving Garner and her partner, John Miller. However, Lopez has found the idea odd and has consistently refused, but Affleck continues insisting.
The discord was further fueled when a photograph of Affleck and Garner sharing a hug surfaced, which reportedly left "J.Lo's absolutely furious" and feeling blindsided.
Affleck maintained that the pictures were innocent "and J.Lo does believe him," but she wishes some boundaries were in place to prevent such photos from appearing in
the future.