Prince Harry smiling and waving
11 Times Prince Harry’s Body Language Spoke For Itself
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His Wedding
Prince Harry's fleeting smiles and occasional lip-licking were clues to experts of his anxiety on his wedding day morning, but he was calmer during the ceremony.
There were endless moments of deep love between the couple, evident through tell-tale signs that included hand-holding and eye contact.
Leaving Royalty
After a royal exit from his family, Harry took on a lighter demeanor, looking "buoyant, happy and even excited," royal body language commentator Judi James said.
"I see a freshness and lift in their postures that seem magical, protective, and exclusive," expert Patti Wood said of Harry and Meghan's relocation from Britain to Canada.
Invictus Games
At the games in 2022, Harry ran his hands down his knees and calves in an interview, signaling to body language expert Louise Mahler he was relaxed and ready to chat.
At a pre-event 2023 celebration in Germany, Harry was looking stressed in a pose Judi James described to The Sun as "reticent and wary," with a tight smile and clenched fingers.
Melania Trump
When meeting Melania Trump, Prince Harry displayed his tic of tucking his fingers into the flap of his blazer, which experts infer is a method of self-preservation.
The prince also made a hand gesture that looked like a heavy metal sign, but expert Traci Brown said, "He's covering his solar plexus area (the vital organs) and protecting it."
The Coronation
All eyes were on Harry at King Charles III's coronation in May 2023 as he displayed a variety of somber emotions, but cameras only captured a few smiles.
Body language decoder Blanca Cobb told Cosmopolitan that "his smile is tense as his lips are held tight, and the corners pull out slightly" and there’s a "seriousness in his eyes."