How People Across The Pond Can Pay Tribute To The Queen Without Even Being There

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning British monarch of 70 years, tragically died on Thursday, September 8. As news of her death has spread across the world, mourners from all over share in the royal family's loss.

Per CNN, barriers were removed from Balmoral castle where the queen spent her final moments, allowing people to lay flowers along the Scottish residence. Mourners in England took to Windsor Castle to lay flowers and candles as a tribute to the monarch. At Buckingham Palace, thousands of people visit the gates, unbothered by the pouring rain. News outlets like The Sun and WPLG Local 10 live streamed the scene outside the palace, so those of us who are mourning from afar can bear witness to this historic moment. 

Royal Central tweeted a video from the live stream, as people lined up along the gates of the palace, saying, "People don't know what to do — they just want to be there — close to the symbolic heart of the monarchy." While many cannot be at the gates of a palace to pay their respects, some are simply looking to the sky during the time of mourning. Royal watchers in person and via livestream took comfort in a weather anomaly they witnessed, when a double rainbow appeared over Buckingham Palace as news of the queen's death was shared. 

As British officials prepare for the upcoming royal funeral, Britain will be in a period of mourning for 10 days, per The Guardian.