If You're An Enneagram Type 4, You Should Try This Wellness Trend

Contemplative, full of feeling, and always your authentic self. If those phrases strongly resonate with you, then you very well might be an Enneagram Four (via Enneagram Institute). As the name suggests, "The Individualist," a.k.a. type Four, likes to view themself as a unique and distinct human being. Type Fours tend to construct their identity around all the ways they are different from others, rather than around the common ground they share with their peers (via Personality Path). This way of thinking can lead to over-exaggerated self-importance, but it can also lead to feelings of social isolation. Type Fours can sometimes feel like their lack of affinity with others means they are missing out on happiness that everyone else is experiencing. As Ryan Lui puts it to Mind Body Green, "Fours see the world like the glass is half-empty — and they want the glass to be full. What they really want in life is for life to be complete."

Many circumstances can trigger stress in a type Four, including feeling invalidated and masking internal feelings, as noted by Psychology Junkie. According to Truity, of all the types, type Fours are the most likely to view stress in a pessimistic light, which means it is particularly important for these individualists to develop healthy coping mechanisms. Thankfully, there are many stress-relief techniques that are particularly catered toward a type Four's way of thinking.

Guided journaling and yoga are good stress-relief tactics for type 4s

Rather than relying on others, type Fours prefer to work through stress independently (via Truity). There are several solo activities that individualists can engage in during times of turmoil. If you are an individualist, treat yourself to a few hours of alone time the next time you are going through a particularly tough period. Start by creating a little corner in your home that is just for you, whether that's putting a piece of art on the wall, buying some new plants, or lighting a few candles (via Hello Giggles).

Once you are content with your space, spend time doing some guided journaling. While this exercise may be structured, it still gives type Fours a lot of freedom to be creative, reflect, and be their authentic selves, as noted by The Every Girl. Journaling allows type Fours to confront and express their true emotions and feelings in a space that is free from judgment and criticism. There are many guided journaling resources available, including the Five Minute Journal. While you're at it, order a copy of these self-help books that are perfect for Enneagram Fours

After exercising your mind, Hello Giggles recommends exercising your body with some heart-opening yoga. Engaging in some gentle yoga exercises is a great way to get outside of your head and re-focus on your present goals and interests.

Individualists can benefit from connecting with others during stressful times

While "The Individualist" type may prefer to work through stress by themselves, this is not always the healthiest coping mechanism for a type Four. According to Personality Growth, too much alone time can lead to a dangerous and unproductive amount of overthinking for individualists. Connecting with others forces Fours to remain in the present and snap out of their spiraling thoughts.

There are healthy ways for type Fours to talk to loved ones about their stressors. If you are a friend or family member of a Four, it's very important to listen and empathize with their problems before chiming in with your own thoughts (via Psychology Junkie). If you are worried about voicing personal opinions with an individualist, preface the conversation by asking if they are looking for advice or simply someone to listen. A good way to support a type Four is by also reminding them of everything they have going for them, including the people in their life and their strengths and talents. If you want to go the extra mile, prepare this go-to cocktail for Enneagram Fours

Volunteering is another social way for type Fours to work through their stress. Working for a charity or cause close to their heart is a great way for individualists to increase self-confidence, as well as connect with people who share similar values to their own (via Truity).