The TikTok Sunday Reset Trend Explained

Most TikTok trends have a notoriously short lifespan, but occasionally a dance or hashtag sticks around for months or even years on the platform. That's the case with the Sunday reset trend, where TikTokers post videos of their Sunday routines, which usually involve cleaning their rooms, organizing their planners, and stocking up on groceries — all in a way that looks inspirational and aesthetically pleasing. To date, the #sundayreset hashtag has amassed over 438 million views. Among the top videos are a couple waking up and tidying their home, a man vacuuming his floor, and a woman doing weekly meal prep.

The TikToks have a few things in common: they typically feature soothing or cheerful music, take place on Sunday, and tend to be somewhat, well, mundane. Rather than offering tips to completely overhaul your life, users model Sunday routine habits that anyone could easily replicate. So what makes this trend so popular, and why do so many people enjoy watching these videos?

The TikTok Sunday reset trend offers realistic inspiration

According to a survey conducted by Monster, 76% of Americans say they struggle with severe anxiety on Sundays. Sunday reset videos on TikTok may help put an end to the Sunday blues for some people — but how?

According to Dr. Holly Schiff, a licensed clinical psychologist at the Jewish Family Services of Greenwich, these TikTok clips might be just enough inspiration to motivate people to take small actions on Sunday that can have a lasting impact throughout the week. She tells Women Lifestyle, "Resetting helps with the dread and anxiety that some people might feel ahead of Monday morning ... The reason these videos are so inspirational is because they make the whole idea feel more accessible. If you see someone else doing it, it makes it seem more feasible and like you could do it too!" Clinical psychologist Dr. Carla Marie Manly agrees, saying, "The TikTok Sunday reset trend is a perfect example of people's craving for imperfect, ordinary content that feels normal and doable. And, of course, the innate familiarity and intimacy of mundane tasks – shopping, doing errands, cleaning house, doing meal prep – can make us feel deeply connected to others."

Sunday reset videos are aspirational, similar to the "that girl" trend, except they feel attainable at the same time. Seeing others' simple routines in action, on just one day of the week, might make others more likely to try them out themselves, just in time for a new week.

Here's how to create your own Sunday reset routine

TikTok Sunday reset videos offer such a wide variety of self-care ideas that it can be overwhelming trying to craft your own reset plan. A great place to start is to narrow your Sunday to-do list down to a few easy tasks that can be replicated each weekend. "Our brains enjoy repetition and familiarity and dislike unpredictability. Knowing that our Sunday will entail a routine that fosters wellness and allows us to meet our basic needs can help us feel less anxious and more prepared for the week ahead," explains Valeria Aliendres, MHC-LP.

Dr. Holly Schiff also recommends combining a mix of productivity and rest into your Sunday routine. This can pave the way for a successful week, while even, in some cases, improving sleep quality on Sunday night.

Ness points out that your Sunday reset should be focused on you, not what looks appealing online. So while TikTok videos can be a great jumping-off point, ultimately, it's best to survey your space and check your planner to see what in your life demands attention. After deep cleaning your bathroom and stocking your pantry, recharge with a soothing activity to help you wind down before Monday arrives.