The Stunning Transformation Of Beanie Feldstein

Beanie Feldstein is best known for starring in coming-of-age films "Booksmart" and "Ladybird." For those who don't know, Feldstein is a triple-threat actress, having acted on television, in movies, and on Broadway. The thespian would reach new heights of superstardom after landing the coveted roles of  Monica Lewinsky and Fanny Brice (via IMDb). As of late, Feldstein has been in the headlines because she is stepping away earlier than anticipated from starring in the Broadway revival of "Funny Girl" as Brice, an iconic vaudeville star originated by the award-winning Barbara Streisand (via Deadline).

Originally Feldstein's curtain call was on Sept. 25, 2022, but due to the production team taking the show in a "different direction," the "Neighbors 2" actor ended her Broadway run effective July 31, 2922. She took to Instagram in June 2022 to make the announcement and wrote, "Playing Fanny Brice on Broadway has been a lifelong dream of mine, and doing so for the last few months has been a great joy and true honor." Feldstein also shared that her decision to leave was tough and thanked her colleagues and all who came to see the musical. It's been revealed that actress Leah Michelle will take over the reins starting in August.

Although Feldstein is still on the rise to fame in her acting career, there is much to know about what she's done to get to where she is today. Here's a look at Beanie Feldstein's stunning transformation over the years.

Beanie Feldstein grew up in a showbiz-adjacent LA family

On June 24, 1993, in Los Angeles, Richard and Sharon Feldstein's youngest child Beanie Feldstein was born. According to Buzzfeed (via Twitter), Beanie's mom was a fashion stylist and costume designer, and her dad handled the finances of the band Guns N' Roses and artists such as Dr. Dre and Lenny Kravitz. Throughout Richards's career in celebrity accounting, his clientele also consisted of various actors, screenwriters, composers, directors, and entertainment executives (via NKSFB LLC). 

It appears that Richard and Sharon's careers in the industry may have influenced all three of their kids to break into Hollywood. Their eldest son Jordan Feldstein founded his own talent management company. Feldstein was the longtime manager of the group Maroon 5. Some of the other talents that Jordan handled were also rapper Big Boi from Outkast and singer Robin Thicke (via The Hollywood Reporter). Beanie's middle brother is none other than actor, director, producer, screenwriter, and comedian Jonah Hill.

Beanie is pretty with her family and credits her mother for being her rock and molding her into the woman she is today and wouldn't know where she would be without her presence. In a 2020 zoom interview with Shondaland on Mother's Day, the actress spoke about her mom and stated, "She gave me confidence and made me believe in myself, and taught me to be generous to myself too."

She knew she wanted to act at a young age

Beanie Feldstein's first professional role came on the hit sitcom "My Wife and Kids" when she was only nine years old (via IMDb). While her tenure on the show lasted just one episode, Feldstein had already been acting for a couple of years. Feldstein knew that she wanted to be on a stage at the tender age of five when she was a part of an art company called Creative Kids. The company also had a theater program, and after seeing one of their musicals with her mother, she knew she wanted to be a part of the magic. While speaking to The Wrap, she told the outlet that she performed in up to five theater productions a year. "From children's theater to community theater in Santa Monica to school theater to professional theater in L.A. Acting was always the dream," said the Broadway star who once joked she was born with spirit fingers (via The Cut).

On the podcast "Life is Short with Justin Long," Feldstein opened up about a time when it seemed like her dream was being taken away. When she was a toddler, she had vocal nodules on her vocal cords, which became severe when she was nine. Feldstein woke up one day with no voice and told the doctors they had to fix her. According to her, she went to speech therapy and "relearned completely how to speak and eventually how to sing."

Beanie Feldstein took a break from professional acting while attending college

After high school, Beanie Feldstein decided to continue her education — but she didn't attend a prestigious acting school like Juilliard or Tisch School Of The Arts. She wanted to continue her "academic journey" and attended Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, to study sociology. 

At first, Feldstein thought she would be able to balance going on auditions and her course load, but unfortunately, it didn't pan out that way. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Feldstein talked about her time in college and shared that she would take the train into New York for auditions and send in video auditions. However, it seemed that her school work wasn't up to snuff, so she decided to put her professional acting career on the back burner. Feldstein told the Times, "I felt I wasn't writing the papers I wanted to write or performing as well as I wanted to, academically ... I felt rushed in the audition rooms and wasn't putting my best foot forward. So I decided to focus on school." The undergraduate didn't give up acting entirely, though, and performed in 14 shows at the university before graduating in 2015.

Her first big screen role was in Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

In 2016 Beanie Feldstein made her first big screen debut in the second installment of Zack Efron and Seth Rogen's comedy "Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising" (via IMDb). A few days before the sequel was released in theaters in the U.S., the breakout star chatted with The Wrap and shared the interesting way she landed an audition for "Neighbors 2." Feldstein told the publication that she had sent in an audition tape for another film but, in the end, was told by casting director Francine Maisler that she wasn't quite right for the part.

 However, according to Feldstein, Maisler "happened to be the same casting director on 'Neighbors 2,' and she remembered me and wanted to bring me in straight to the boys." It wasn't until two weeks later that she received a call while babysitting and was told she landed the role of Nora, one-third of the masterminds behind the rebellious and uncontrollable sorority Kappa Nu.

Feldstein noted that she was delighted and blessed that her first big film was one of "female empowerment." During filming, the California native stated that her brother gave her some beneficial advice: "No joke is precious." Jonah Hill told his little sister that there would be many jokes and hilarious moments that would get shot, but there would be quite a bit of them that wouldn't make it off the editing room floor, so it's crucial not to "hold on to anything."

It took years for Beanie Feldstein to be comfortable in her own body

Growing up, Beanie Feldstein felt pressured to lose weight. Feldstein, in 2017, opened up about her struggles and shared that she tried a couple of diet programs to slim down because the adults in her life were insisting that she do. 

Feldstein told Vogue that it was around 16 when she realized her weight was fine and that she wasn't the problem. "This standard is the problem," she noted which is the notion that everyone should be thin. The "Lady Bird" star got even more candid in an essay she penned for Refinery 29 and talked about how she was on the brunt end of negative comments regarding her weight. 

She wrote, "My family, doctors, and society at large constantly were telling me that I was too heavy ... I despised trying to lose weight, and I resented everyone that made me feel like I had to." Feldstein noted that all the expectations fell to the wayside once she blocked out what people were saying. Before going off to college she was finally happy with her body and felt liberated from all the pressure. From the physical demands of her Broadway career, Feldstein began losing some unintentional weight, and in the essay reflected on how weird it was that she started to be seen and was receiving tons of compliments. In the end, she lets readers know that her change in appearance doesn't call for any comments.

She suffered a devastating loss

On December 22, 2017, Beanie Feldstein's oldest brother Jordan Feldstein unexpectedly passed at the age of 40. According to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner, Jordan died of a pulmonary embolism, which is when the arteries in the lung become blocked by a blood clot (via Johns Hopkins Medicine). In a statement to USA Today, the family disclosed "Jordan had called 911 after experiencing a shortness of breath ... He had gone into cardiac arrest by the time paramedics arrived and died a short time later."

Beanie opened up about her brother's death two years later in an essay featured in Instyle magazine (via People). "Grief is just impossible ... To describe the wound grief leaves if you have not experienced it is to come to it hazy and out of focus," she wrote. Beanie praised Jordan, sharing that he was an amazing and intelligent person, and added that he was a wonderful brother, father, and son to boot. Throughout the piece, Beanie also stated that she's now a part of the club full of suffering and questions and assures readers they aren't alone if they, too, belong to this club. In 2018, Jordan's good friend, lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, told Variety that Jordan's passing was a "tragedy foisted upon us [Maroon 5] and far and away one of the saddest moments of our lives, and personally of mine."

Beanie Feldstein a household named after starring in Booksmart

After being cast in the 2019 film "Booksmart," Feldstein went from side-kick to full-fledged star (via IMDb). The coming of age film follows Feldstein's character Molly as she and her friend Amy (played by Kaitlyn Denver) realize that after four years of having their nose in the books, it was time to make up for all the fun they missed out on in high school. The dynamic duo set out to have the times of their lives before graduating high school and going off to college (via Rotten Tomatoes). 

When actress Olivia Wilde came aboard as the movie's director, she said knew from the very beginning that she wanted Feldstein to be the lead after seeing her performance in "Lady Bird." "Beanie was attached way before she knew she was attached because there was no way I was going to let this movie be made with anyone else," stated Wilde (via Entertainment Weekly). 

Feinstein shared with Teen Vogue that she was deeply connected to the project and felt that it was so in tune with her own philosophy as well as "humor," "love," and "loyalty" to her friends that starring in the comedy was "truly a no-brainer." The star also told the outlet that she wished she'd been able to let go of all her expectations when she was a high school student like Molly and Amy finally do. 

She was nominated for a Golden Globe Award

For Beanie Feldstein's winning performance in Olivia Wilde's "Booksmart," she was nominated in 2019 for a Golden Globes award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy. Feldstein spoke with The Wrap after finding out the fantastic news. She told the outlet that she didn't watch the nominations on television but read them on Twitter. The comedic actor stated, "To be a part of that is so meaningful, and it speaks to 'Booksmart's' ability to touch people and for the HFPA to be calling out a sleepover movie ... all we wanted was for women to love it."

The night of the Golden Globes was special for Feldstein for various reasons. Not only was she nominated for her first Golden Globe award, but she got to share the amazing night with her best friend, Ben Platt. Platt, best known for his role in the "Pitch Perfect" franchise, was also nominated. In a red carpet interview with E! News about his nomination, he gushed about his longtime bestie. Pratt told Ryan Seacrest that he was more excited for Feldstein and noted, "To hear about Beanie, that just kind of makes it feel like a whole new event and reality for me because I've known her since we were in braces." Feldstein didn't win that night, but we have a feeling it won't be long till she's making an acceptance speech on the Golden Globes stage.

Beanie Feldstein and her older brother have a very strong connection

Beanie Feldstein and Jonah Hill may be ten years apart, but these two have a close bond (via Vanity Fair). During an interview with The Cut, Feldstein was asked if being in Hollywood was tougher because she had such a famous brother and if he felt she had to prove her ability. She immediately started discussing their relationship and shared that she doesn't see him like this superstar but rather the brother she spent so many years sharing a bathroom with. Feldstein added that "he's my best friend," and their connection deepened after the tragic loss of their oldest brother Jordan Feldstein. 

She also remarked that Hill was one of the most significant people in her life and disclosed to the outlet that being Jonah Hill's sister is her "greatest joy." Feldstein additionally talked about their connection to Us Weekly and admitted that when they attend family gatherings, they can be seen spending time with one another and having heart-to-heart moments. Hill has stated that he has been Feldstein's biggest fan since day. During a joint discussion with Interview magazine, Hill praised his younger sister for the amazing work she's been doing and ended their conversation by letting her know he is delighted to see her doing stuff that "fulfills" and "challenges" her.

She had a lifelong dream fulfilled after landing this role

Beanie Feldstein doesn't just steal hearts on the big screen but also does it on the small one. 

One of Feldstein's biggest dreams came true when she appeared on an episode of "Grey's Anatomy," which aired in February 2020 (via IMDb). The "Booksmart" actress played the role of Tess Anderson, who pretended to be a resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital when in actuality, she was a cancer patient. According to the Grey's Anatomy Fandom page, Feldstein ended up winning over Dr. Richard Weber (portrayed by actor James Pickens Jr.) and got to help assist with a procedure. However, right before she was about to make an incision, a doctor recognized her true identity. Later Anderson explained that because of her cancer, she had to put her dreams on hold of practicing medicine and was pretending that instead, they came true. Dr. Weber told Anderson that she could still become one, and in a touching scene, he gave her his telescope.

After the episode aired, Feldstein took to her Instagram page to celebrate the momentous occasion and, with a carousel of photos from the set, wrote, "My Dreams came true last night! All I've wanted since I was eleven years old was to be on 'Grey's Anatomy.' Guest starring on this show and getting to share scenes with the remarkable James Pickens (my chief always & forever) was heaven...Thanks for letting me take a one-time dream trip to Seattle."

Beanie Feldstein was out of her comfort zone playing Monica Lewinksy

In 2019 Beanie Feldstein was cast to play Monica Lewinsky in the FX mini series "Impeachment: American Crime Story," which dove into the days leading up to former President Bill Clinton's 1999 impeachment, which was initiated when the entire world learned of his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky (via Playbill).

Feldstein was also asked to be a producer on the series, which centered around the viewpoints of Lewinsky, her closest friends — who covertly recorded her — and Paula Jones. The latter sued Clinton for sexual harassment (via IMDb). However, during an interview with W Magazine, Feldstein confessed that she was totally out of her element in portraying Lewinsky. She shared that while she and Lewinsky are very similar in some ways, but "never felt less in my comfort place than when I was playing Monica." Feldstein added that she's not sure if she would have flirted with the POTUS because she's "queer" but said that regardless of sexual orientation, there wouldn't be anything better than having Clinton "shining his light on you." 

Due to her immunity deal, Lewinsky was never able to speak out about the affair but was finally able to tell her story in the 10-episode limited series by way of Feldstein. The television personality and activist loved the actress's performance and told The Washington Post, "The end of that episode was so real for me in her portrayal [that] I sobbed."

She got engaged

In December of 2019, Beanie Feldstein and movie producer Bonnie Chance Roberts made their relationship public when they appeared on the red carpet together at the New York premiere of the movie "Cats." According to Teen Vogue, Feldstein and Roberts met on the set of the comedy film "How to Build a Girl." During a candid interview with the outlet, Feldstein discussed her love life and stated she didn't think of herself as the relationship type because having one wasn't something she prioritized. However, all of that seemed to change for her after meetings with Roberts, whom she refers to as "Bon." She also shared with the publication that she didn't fall in love with Roberts because she was a woman but because she "was in love with her and all of her." 

When asked by Bustle in 2021 where she saw herself in sixteen years her answer included her betrothed. Feldstein stated, "I hope to be living in New York City or London, married to my girlfriend, and have babies and puppies running around while we both make movies, shows, and plays that feel meaningful and exciting and profound." 

To celebrate and share the good news of their engagement, Feldstein took to her Instagram, and alongside the photo of her with her girlfriend down on one knee, she wrote, "I do, bon." We couldn't be happier for the couple!