Royals Every Pisces Can Relate To

Believe it or not, only two Pisces make up the British royal family at this time — Prince Andrew and Prince Edward (via Now to Love). Ahem, the former, who was born on February 19, 1960 has since been stripped of his royal titles following being accused of sexual abuse (via BBC). And the latter, who came into the world on March 10, 1964, has chosen less of a public life according to Cheat Sheet, so it's hard to say whether we would vibe with him or not.

If, like the Queen's two sons, you were born between February 19 and March 20, just because you're a Pisces doesn't mean you can't relate to a royal (via Britannica). Instead, the many qualities a Pisces possesses means you are very much on the same page as some of the most famous members of the royal family.

This is even more true given the vast qualities that characterize a Pisces. To be sure, given that this water sign's symbol is two fish who are swimming away from one another, a Pisces is nothing if not full of contradictions (via Allure).

Pisces are emotional like Meghan Markle

According to Elite Daily, a Pisces is nothing if not emotionally complex. And that's not a bad thing, with people born between February 19 and March 20 having the unique ability to effectively communicate how they are feeling to others.

Just think of Meghan Markle's evocative Oprah Winfrey interview, in which she told the world that being inside the royal family left her struggling with loneliness and even thoughts of self-harm. We were inspired by Meghan's willingness to be so vulnerable and pave the way for her fans to admit they were dealing with their own mental health challenges.

The Duchess of Sussex also candidly shared her devastating experience having a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with Lilibet in a heartfelt New York Times piece, letting other people know it's okay to not be okay at times.

Pisces are empathetic and compassionate like Prince William and Prince Harry

Of course, most of us think of Princess Diana when we conjure up images of an empathetic and compassionate royal. The Princess of Wales was well known for her dedication to charity work in regions around the world. Perhaps the modern day incarnation of Diana is her son, Prince William, who has stepped up in recent years as the royal patron of a cause near and dear to his mother's heart: homelessness.

In fact, William decreed that he plans to follow in Diana's footsteps by exposing his own kids to the needs of the less fortunate — just like his mother did for him. In the meantime, the Duke of Cambridge is not above sleeping on the streets or going undercover to sell newspapers to raise awareness of the plight of homeless people in Britain.

Speaking of empathy and compassion, we'd be remiss in not mentioning Diana's other son, Prince Harry. William's younger brother is behind the Invictus Games, which celebrate athletic competition among soldiers wounded in battle.

Pisces are intuitive like Kate Middleton

If one outsider seemingly fit into the royal family without so much as a hiccup, it's Kate Middleton. So one could argue that the now-senior member of the royal family let her heart lead her when it came to acclimating to a lifestyle most of us cannot possibly imagine, with the eyes of the world upon her at every moment.

In reality, Kate is a Capricorn, born on January 9, 1982 (via New York Post). As such, she's not too far off from being a Pisces and her sign shares many common attributes with that of a Pisces. For instance, Capricorns are known to be inspiring to people around them, a trait that most certainly describes the Duchess of Cambridge (Well + Good).

And Capricorns are extremely goal-oriented (hello Kate!) and as such, may end up being very self-critical if they don't achieve everything they set their minds to. Pisces meanwhile are known to be hard on themselves and may struggle with the feeling that they have the weight of the world on their shoulders (via Refinery29). We can see how Kate would relate to this sentiment, again going back to how every move she makes is scrutinized and dissected by people across the globe. 

Pisces are unselfish like Queen Elizabeth

A Pisces can be empathetic to a fault, and even neglect their own needs in favor of helping others feel better. Not that anyone would say being unselfish is bad — as long as you make time for self-care (via Elite Daily). A member of the royal family who fits this description would definitely be Queen Elizabeth, who has basically given up her entire life for the service of others.

In fact, Her Majesty was crowned at the relatively-young age of 27 (via Newsweek). She is the second longest serving sovereign ever, having been monarch for an astonishing 70 years. It's an impressive claim, given that the only ruler to outlast her to date is French King Louis XIV, whose reign stretched over 72 years.

Queen Elizabeth may have put her country before herself so much so that she is now suffering in her older age. Consider that the 96-year-old has been experiencing ongoing mobility issues that have prevented her from attending several high-profile events, even those celebrating her Platinum Jubilee.

Pisces are hard on themselves like Prince Charles

Since Pisces are so empathetic and compassionate, they tend to blame themselves when something goes wrong, even if the outcome is out of their control (via Refinery29). Indeed, a Pisces can be their own worst critic, an attribute that Prince Charles can likely relate to given that according to insiders, he is very sensitive over the things that are said about him in the media (via Mirror).

He also reportedly took bullying in his youth very hard and carried "an enormous burden" according to a royal expert following Princess Diana's death (via Good Housekeeping and Us Weekly).

Ultimately, although Charles is a Scorpio, there's no doubt that any tender-hearted Pisces — who can't fall asleep at night because they're going over that day's events and thinking about what they could have done better — can totally vibe with the future king.