Retro Jewelry You Can Rock At Any Age

Some things never go out of style. That's especially true for retro jewelry, just one of many vintage trends primed to take over 2022. Vintage jewelry was made to last. With its classy appearance and often name-brand appeal, you're bound to feel confident wearing rings, earrings, and necklaces that have withstood the test of time. And while it's true that some vintage pieces can be severely overpriced, the general rule for jewelry is that you're getting your money's worth, both in gorgeous designs and long-lasting materials. Timeless trends like retro jewelry are perfect for any fashion fan, regardless of age. You could make a statement with bold '60s and '70s-inspired earrings or keep things simple with dainty necklaces that add the perfect touch to any look. No matter if it's from deep in your collection or an antique piece you've been eyeing, there are plenty of ways to bring old jewelry back to life with these trends.

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are a classic staple of any jewelry collection for both the young and old. Hoops come in a variety of sizes: From large hoops you could nearly fit on your wrist to small, pinky-sized. The biggest brands have been designing gorgeous hoops for decades. Luxury online consignment shop TheRealReal has a pair of Chanel 18K Coco Crush Earrings that are timeless and beautiful. You don't have to purchase high-dollar or name brand hoop earrings to participate in this retro trend. Madewell offers Chunky Small Hoop Earrings for less than $20.

Wanting to make your casual looks a little spicier? Hoop earrings are the way to go. They don't have to be synonymous with partying. Jessica Alba paired these large Selena Hoop Earrings with a printed button-down and skinny jeans (as cited by Who What Wear). You can elevate your everyday style easily with hoops, big or small.

Mens-wear inspired rings

Chunky statement rings aren't just for men. Women can rock them, too. Vintage menswear-inspired rings have made their way to women's fashion, both for the young and older. Signet rings like those featured on Meideya Jewelry's Instagram offer you the chance to play with colors, allowing you to match the gems and stones of your large ring to your outfit. Vintage rings are the perfect way to wade into the world of antique jewelry without going above and beyond. Switch out one of your rings for one inspired by twentieth-century designs, like this Birth Flower Signet Ring on Local Eclectic, marked at $55. Pretty Different Shop, located in Los Angeles, has a series of beautiful blue vintage-inspired moonstone rings that glow like the pale sky. Take a chance and load up on rings that show off your personality. Simple silver and gold rings shouldn't confine your style.

Dainty necklaces

Minimalist jewelry never fails. In the case of necklaces, less is more. For something to wear everyday, a dainty necklace is a solid go-to. Given as a gift, dainty necklaces like this Diamants Légers de Cartier Necklace on TheRealReal could be an extra sentimental reminder of someone special. And although Cartier may not fall within your budget, it's always the thought that counts. Insider writer Kenedee Fowler wears a $9 initial necklace everyday, and according to her review, it hasn't lost its shine.

If you want to take it up a notch and layer your necklaces, Harper's Bazaar has a guide on how to capture the look of multiple chains without going over the top. "I think one of the best things about dainty pieces is they lend perfectly to layering," co-founder of The Last Line Shelley Sanders told Harper's Bazaar. Whether you choose to go solo or layer up, your dainty necklaces will be a staple.


Pearls have been around and worn by the most fashionable among us for ages. There's a reason why. Their simplicity and elegance has made them a favorite among royals, celebrities, and average consumers. In fact, pearls were one of Princess Diana's favorite jewelry trends, and we're happy to see them coming back in style. Newsweek recounted how Princess Diana was known for taking these simple jewelry pieces and giving them royal status: She even wore pearls on her wedding day.

To embrace your inner Princess Diana and pay homage to one of her favorite kinds of jewelry, try adding a vintage-inspired pearl necklace to your collection. Mejuri has a beautiful Essential Pearl Necklace if you need a place to start. And don't worry: Even younger folks can partake in this trend. It's not just grandmothers who wear pearls. Harry Styles has taken up pearls in his music video "Golden" and at the Met Gala, according to W Magazine.

Statement Earrings

What's more fun than a vibrant statement earring to finish off your outfit? Retro '60s and '70s-inspired statement earrings are back in full swing. Don't believe us? Just browse Etsy for a few minutes to see all the small business owners making their own sustainable and ethical jewelry. These Etsy '60s-esque flower power earrings will make anyone feel groovy, no matter your age. Wanting something with a little more class? These vintage green '60s earrings are simple and chic, also on Etsy. And for some glitz and glamor, these Ivy White Eye Drop Earrings by Eye Candy Los Angeles on Nordstrom Rack are an affordable way to feel luxurious.

Vintage jewelry isn't just for antique stores. Whether you're buying retro jewelry second-hand or getting newly made pieces inspired by the looks from all those years ago, you can include easy-to-find pieces like these in your collection.