Astrology Expert Reveals The Perfect Vacation Spot For A Cancer - Exclusive

People born under the sign of Cancer (June 21 – July 22) are very well represented by their symbol: the crab (via Allure). Crabs are equally suited to life on land and life in the water, and while Cancers are true cardinal water signs, their versatile personalities and strengths make them equally comfortable operating in the intuitive emotional world of a water sign and the practical, grounded, sensual world of an earth sign.

Often considered the most intuitive of the signs, Cancers are quietly observant of everything and everyone around them, adeptly analyzing and deeply understanding the emotional and situational complexity of the people and situations at hand. Because they are so caring and empathetic, this skill allows them to be excellent, supportive, loving, and deeply loyal friends and partners. 

Because of their ability to operate in the world of earth as well as water, however, they generally do not let their very-deep emotions run away with them completely. They care a great deal about ensuring all practical matters are well taken care of. Cancers tend to be great with money, and they gravitate toward home. To them, home is a place they have carefully crafted with exactly the location, decor, and companions that best suit them. 

But when a Cancer needs to get away from home for a bit, where would such an emotional-yet-grounded person be most at ease?   

The ideal vacation spot for a Cancer

According to The Times of Asia, the best place for homebody Cancer to vacation would be Australia. Their reasoning is that Cancers need a place that jives with their innate seeking of peace and calm. Further, an ideal vacation spot for a Cancer would allow them to bring their most beloved people with them (partner, children, etc.). Australia offers gorgeous coastline beaches to relax upon, as well as family-friendly adventures like snorkeling with exotic creatures. 

We asked Astrologist Cameron Martin of Path and Purpose what he thought of this assessment, and he agreed wholeheartedly, telling us, "Cancer is all about a laid-back family holiday and it is precisely this relaxed attitude that will help a Cancer feel at home in Australia." Australia, of course, is not just a country, but an entire continent. So where, specifically, might a cancer most like to go? 

Where to go and what to do

Martin says of the varied experiences awaiting Cancer in Australia, "From the Great Barrier Reef to the coast of beautiful beaches in Australia, a day at the ocean is ideal for rejuvenating the heart of Cancer. And The Gold Coast offers many options for family adventure and delight."

According to Touropia's piece about the best places to visit on the great island that is Australia, The Gold Coast is in fact unmissable. With sunny, delightful weather year-round and gorgeous beaches with plenty of restaurants and nightlife, there is something for every member of Cancer's family to love (and a beautiful, restful beach day for Cancer themselves). 

You could also consider visiting some of the national parks like Karijini or Nambung, each of which boast formations of earth and stone you are unlikely to see anywhere else on earth. The Daintree rainforest is another once-in-a-lifetime experience you might consider to see wildlife and natural wonders. And for a Cancer who is looking to surf, lie on the beach, and soak in a laid-back lifestyle, you should spend some time at Byron Bay, which is famous for all of these things.