Who Creates Cardi B's Iconic Manicures?

We celebrate Cardi B for her style, but big props should also go to the team of creatives she works with. According to Essence, it was her stylist, Kollin Carter, who traveled to Paris to source and secure Cardi B's iconic archival Mugler look for the 2019 Grammys. Cardi B's impressive rotation of hairstyles? Credit for those can go to Tokyo Stylez who, according to Allure, is the performer's "go-to wig maestro" and created all seven of her hair looks for the "Up" music video. Behind many of her iconic style moments, there is often a creative who collaborates with the star to make it all happen, and nails are no exception.

There is no talking about Cardi B's style without talking about nails. Throughout her entire public career, she has been a notable fan of a well-done set. In Cardi B's ascent to fame, from her "Love and Hip Hop" days to the Grammy red carpet, you can always trust her to have something glamorous on the tip of her fingers. But who is creating all these larger-than-life sets?

Cardi B and this nail artist go way back

If Cardi B is seen wearing a bedazzled set of nails, it's likely Jenny Bui's handiwork. According to an American Salon profile, Bui has been doing nails for over 20 years and her signature Swarovski-encrusted sets have earned her the title of "Queen of Bling."

Bui told Cosmopolitan she met Cardi B in her nail salon, Nails on 7th, in Harlem. But before landing in New York City, Bui, a survivor of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge, traveled through Vietnam, Thailand, and Canada before arriving in the United States, where she attended cosmetology school. According to NYC Go, she was inspired to experiment with bedazzled styles after flipping through Japanese nail art magazines. Now, she is a highly sought-after celebrity nail artist. In 2019, she was named Nail Artist Influencer of the Year at the American Influencer Awards. She was named artist ambassador by OPI and in 2021, "The Queen of Bling" released a line of bedazzled press-on nails in collaboration with Makartt.

Bui has given Cardi B many iconic manicures, including the white stiletto set with multifaceted Swarovski crystals for the 2018 Grammys, and this bedazzled scarlet set for the 2019 Met Gala — Refinery29 reports had over 250 crystals.

Cardi B's nails by Chaun Legend

Chaun Peth, known as Chaun Legend — is a well-known nail artist to the stars. According to Page Six, he started doing nails when a friend offered to pay for his training and fly him out to their salon in Kentucky. Over time, he worked for minor reality television stars, and eventually, Kylie Jenner liked one of his nails on Instagram and he skyrocketed to celebrity nail artist status.

Thanks to his training as a mural artist, Legend's nails are easily recognizable for their colorful and painterly look. When it comes to Cardi B's claws, Legend's standout set takes inspiration from fashion designers — like this pink, purple and red tie-dye set with white Louis Vuitton logos.

He's also known to be Kylie Jenner's and Khloé Kardashian's go-to nail artist. He also collaborated with Lottie London for a signature series of press-on nails.

The nail artist behind Cardi B's viral gold chain

Eloisa Marie Perez is a rising star in the cosmos of celebrity nail artists. According to Telemundo Dallas, Perez got into nails while she was working at a hamburger chain. Her first big-name celebrity manicure was for Blac Chyna and as her Instagram following grew, she eventually landed Cardi B as a client. She's also manicured Bhad Bhabie of Dr. Phil fame. 

Perez is responsible for Cardi B's gold-chain nails that matched her bespoke Versace gown for the 2022 Met Gala. The nails were entirely painted in gold and Perez attached rows of gold chains and clear rhinestones to hold their own against what Donatella Versace called "one of the most spectacular dresses Versace did in history."

Also known by her Instagram handle, @marienailz, Perez is a nomadic nail artist of sorts, telling Telemundo that she has worked, across Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, and beyond.