If You're A Scorpio, This Is The Perfect Pet For You

When you think of the zodiac sign Scorpio (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21), you might not associate it with affectionate pet parents. After all, Scorpios are known for some dark characteristics, like being sly and secretive. They always want to be right and have a jealous and distrustful side, too (via Astrology Zodiac Signs).

Yet, on the flip side, this water sign is naturally passionate. So, once they commit to a pet, they'll give it their absolute all. Scorpios are also highly resourceful and will take the time to research the best food and living conditions for their pet.

Since Scorpios have trust issues in relationships (via Co-Star), they're always scanning their environment to pick up on subtleties that might put them in danger, whether emotionally or physically. This intuitiveness is a useful trait in a pet owner, too. Scorpios will study their pet and tune in to their preferences to learn how to best care for them.

In the end, the world can get lonely for Scorpios, who constantly see others as a threat, so raising a pet can make life a little bit brighter. Here are some pets that are ideal for Scorpios.

Scorpios do well with exotic pets

Scorpios are anything but ordinary, so it's no surprise that an ideal pet for them would be exotic. According to Bustle, a snake makes a perfect Scorpio pet. They're mysterious and intimidating, which a Scorpio both mirrors and admires, and they also require a lot of attention and maintenance. 

You'll have to feed your snake live prey in the form of rodents (via The Spruce Pets), but you can also buy frozen ones for later use. But there's no getting around the fact that all snakes are carnivores, so, due to that fact alone, many people shouldn't consider a pet snake.

Plus, owning a snake is quite a commitment since some species have a lifespan of over 20 years. (Incidentally, if you'd prefer a plant instead, the best plant for Scorpios are snake plants — oddly enough.)

These dogs are ideal for Scorpios

If you're looking for a more cuddly pet, a dog offers plenty of companionship, and you can pick the breed that suits you best, Scorpio.

Jean Shafiroff, an ambassador for the American Humane Society and an animal activist, told Reader's Digest that there are certain dog breeds that naturally gel better with different types of personalities. She maintains that "a strong person wants a strong dog." Consequently, bloodhounds, bull mastiffs, golden retrievers, and pit bulls are ideal for strong-minded Scorpio.

These dogs are powerful, which many people find intimidating. Although a Scorpio may enjoy the appeal of having a powerful dog, every pup is a product of its environment. When treated with love and affection, dogs will respond in kind and become trusted companions. "There are no bad dogs, there are bad owners," says Shafiroff.

Though they tend to be dark souls (via Allure), Scorpios can find years of happiness with these pets — and that's when their commitment and loyalty will truly shine through.