Twitter Has Declared The True Favorite Of Jubilee Weekend

After four days of celebrations, the major events of Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee have concluded. The historic occasion was packed with memorable moments and included not one but two royal balcony appearances. 

On the first day, the queen, along with the working royals, gathered on Buckingham Palace's balcony during the Trooping of the Color and RAF flypast, per Town & Country. On the last day, a slightly smaller group accompanied the monarch. 

The queen, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince William and Kate Middleton, and the three Cambridge children greeted the crowd following the revelry of the Platinum Pageant and parade (via BBC). After her absence from the Friday Service of Thanksgiving and Saturday's Epsom Derby, royal fans were excited to see the queen appear at the finale of the weekend's festivities.

As the concluding event, the Platinum Pageant was a grand affair with 6,000 performers showcasing the 70 years of the queen's reign during a spectacular theatrical parade, per the Mirror. The performance was packed with celebrities, cyclists, and the iconic golden coach, complete with a breathtaking video display of the queen's historic service.

While Queen Elizabeth was the main focus of the Platinum Jubilee celebration, this look back at her 70-year reign was also an opportunity to look toward the future of the royal family. And one of those family members, in particular, captured the hearts of fans.

Prince Louis stole the show with his hilarious expressions

While it was planned that the three Cambridge children would have a front-and-center Jubilee role, no one could have predicted the ways in which Prince Louis entertained onlookers. He may be a prince, but he's also a 4-year-old. The youngest of Prince William and Kate Middleton's children, Louis displayed a wide range of emotions during the celebration-packed weekend.

On Twitter, fans reveled in Louis' antics. "I love how this is so relatable! So fun to watch. They're normal family, just like us!" tweeted a fan along with a photo of Louis covering Kate's mouth. "We've come to the conclusion that this is Prince Louis's world and we're all living in it!" tweeted The Rumble Online, posting a video clip of Louis making victory signs and Kate laughing and talking to him.

After four days of events, the youngster showed he was getting tired of celebrating during Sunday's pageant parade. Besides covering his mom's mouth, Louis also thumbed his nose, known as "cocking a snook," per the Daily Mail.

Previously, Louis made a splash with his reactions at the start of the festivities on Thursday. As the loud aircraft thundered over the royal balcony, the young prince put his hands on his ears and yelled, per Elle.

"As a parent of a four year old not in line to the throne, Prince Louis we see you and we understand you," former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tweeted in response.

Prince Louis also delivered moments of sweetness

Prince Louis' behavior during the Platinum Jubilee events wasn't all silly faces and antics. Fans gushed over Louis' lovable interactions with his family. Despite being sassy and covering Kate Middleton's mouth, the 4-year-old also rested his head on his mother's shoulder during the Sunday pageant festivities, per the Independent.

In addition, Louis also shared tender hugs with Kate. As she has demonstrated in the past, the Duchess of Cambridge calmly responded to Louis' changing needs from moment to moment. She gently corrected behaviors like the nose-thumbing and provided affectionate hugging without hesitation, per the Daily Mail.

As the pageant continued, Louis delighted fans by leaving his seat and walking down the row to sit on his grandfather's lap. Prince Charles held the youngster close, bouncing and rocking him on his knee.

Prince Charles' show of affection impressed fans, with one tweeting, "Prince Louis running to go sit with his Grandad, Prince Charles is the cutest thing I've seen." "You can see how close they are," tweeted a royal enthusiast. "It's beautiful to see Charles being a grandfather." 

Another fan felt the Prince of Wales had a magic touch, tweeting, "I kinda think Prince Charles is the calming factor for Prince Louis. He instantly got happy and calmed down once he sat on his grandpa's lap."

Besides impressing audiences with his tenderness toward his grandson, Charles demonstrated his sweet side by blowing Kate a kiss at the Friday service.