Trixie Motel Season 1: Details We Know So Far

Even if you've never watched an episode of "RuPaul's Drag Race," it's hard to escape the powerful influence of one of the show's most popular contestants, drag queen Trixie Mattel (AKA Brian Firkus). Since winning the third season of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" in 2018, Mattel has grown her Instagram following to over two million followers, launched successful tours, worked as half of the comic duo Viceland, released the Billboard-charting indie-folk album "Barbara," debuted a cosmetics line, and released a documentary called "Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts," as her website's biography notes.

In February 2021, the Wisconsin native broadened her influence by becoming a co-owner of This Is It, a gay bar in Milwaukee that has been open since 1968 (via Them.). Like many other restaurants and bars, This Is It struggled to cope with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. So, Mattel decided to step in and help. "In 2020, it's been thrown in our faces that queer spaces can disappear like that. And it really makes you think this is a really valuable service they are providing, not just to the community, but to humanity. People need this. They really do," Mattel told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

A few months after she became co-owner of the bar, Mattel announced that she would be participating in another project. In 2022, Mattel will be heading a new motel renovation series called "Trixie Motel."

"Trixie Motel" is set to premiere in June

The brand new renovation series from Trixie Mattel is set to premiere on Discovery+ on June 1, 2022, just in time for Pride Month, per Out Traveler. Similar to motel renovation shows that have come before it, like Netflix's "Motel Makeover," "Trixie Motel" follows Mattel and her dedicated team as they transform a dilapidated motel into a trendy destination. Along with the help of her boyfriend and co-owner, David Silver, and interior designer Dani Dazey, Mattel is renovating a rundown motel in Palm Springs, California, to reflect her own vision. On the show's Instagram page, you'll see this pink-filled, retro-glam vision brought to life. In total, Mattel and her team are renovating a commercial kitchen, a pool area, and seven themed motel rooms, according to HGTV. Given that Mattel has invested her life savings into the project, the stakes are higher than ever.

"Trixie is an entertaining performer, but most people don't associate her with renovation," Jane Latman, president of HGTV, who curates home content for Discovery+, explained. "We know Trixie will create a fantasy-filled motel makeover with grit, wigs, and fun. It'll be a series unlike any we've seen."

The renovation is a testament of Mattel and Silver's love

Trixie Mattel, David Silver, and interior designer Dani Dazey will be transforming a dilapidated Palm Springs motel into the Trixie Motel, but this series is also a testament of Mattel and Silver's love. Mattel has been dating Silver since 2016 — they met on Tinder — and, though the pair tend to keep the details of their relationship private, Mattel spoke about the importance of slowing down to spend time with her boyfriend during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "I am so deeply, over-the-top committed to my work that it has helped my reality check that I can't work all the time. If it was up to me, I would be in drag all day every day, working all day every day. Having a relationship and having the responsibility to someone else to be present and take the wig off and put it in a closet for a few hours is really good to me," Mattel said.

In a statement about "Trixie Motel" to HGTV, Mattel hinted that the show might also include a few famous faces that viewers might recognize, though no specific names have been announced yet. "I can't wait to give this run-down motel the facelift it so desperately needs," Mattel told HGTV. "With help from my most famous celebrity friends, we're going to create the glossiest drag motel of your wildest fever-dreams."

Dazey is a talented fashion and interior designer

Aside from Trixie Mattel, viewers will get a chance to see fashion, textile, and interior designer Dani Dazey work her magic on the forthcoming series, "Trixie Motel." As her website's biography notes, Dazey founded her clothing line, Dazey LA, back in 2016, and after doing that, decided to also pursue a career in interior design.

Similar to Mattel, Dazey's design aesthetic packs a colorful punch. As Dazey told Apartment Therapy in December 2021, her interior design work is largely inspired by the maximalist movement. "Color and vintage design is my inspiration across all my design work, whether it be fashion design, textile design, graphic design, or interior design," Dazey said. "I love to create unexpected combinations of pattern and hues that magically work together and wow all that walk in. I'm in love with the unapologetic boldness of the maximalist movement and am inspired by pushing boundaries and really having fun with design!"

Proof of Dazey's deep bond with Mattel is splashed all over her Instagram page, along with a few behind-the-scenes moments of her work on "Trixie Motel." "This has been the opportunity and honor of a lifetime," Dazey said in one Instagram post. "Every day on set, it was not lost on me that out of hundreds of designers they could have chosen, they chose me. A young designer with a lot of big ideas, but not as much experience. This has been the largest project I have designed by far. But I really feel like I rose to the occasion and designed a place I am so proud of."