Small Flower Tattoos That You're Going To Love

Tattoos allow people to express themselves, honor memories, and deepen connections even further, making them pretty popular. In the United States alone, 36% of those between the ages of 18 and 29, 38% of those who are 30 to 39, and 11% of those who fall in the age range of 50 to 64 have at least one piece of body art (via CompareCamp).

One common design that many choose to get permanently inked to their bodies is flowers or a single flower. As stated by Tattoos Wizard, these are visually pleasing options that can also have special meanings. In particular, roses are often very popular, but the choices are endless when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind and floral-inspired tattoos.

Those who want dainty, small, and minimal flower tats can be inspired by these ideas, which feature a variety of artwork and body placements.

This cherry blossom looks oh-so cool on the inside of the ear

After opting to go the floral route, a person must then decide where on their body they want their new ink. According to research published via visually, some of the most common options include on the chest, arm, wrist, side, and foot.

How about a tattoo inside the ear, though, for something truly unique? Just as people get different shapes, sizes, and styles of ear piercings, they can also show off creative designs with inner-ear tattoos.

The specific example that is shown here, which was featured by Cosmopolitan, was done by kaki_claratattoos, as seen on Instagram, and puts cherry blossoms on display. Whatever flower you pick, whichever colors you use, and no matter which ear you settle on, some floral ink will look darling and dainty when placed here.

An indecisive person could go with a whole bouquet of various flowers

Some people get one flower, such as a daisy or a bluebonnet, tattooed to their body, while others go the wilder route ... like this group of wildflowers that was posted on Instagram by Nice Tattoo Parlor and featured in Glamour.

With this option, you can show off different types of flowers, use different colors in the design, and spread some cheer, as this just radiates joy. You can also add in customizations including a bow tied around the bouquet or a certain word or phrase underneath the flowers. Depending on the size, style, and shape, you can definitely still make this a small and minimal tattoo, as well, since those are very trendy right now.

In fact, Hailey Bieber, Vanessa Hudgens, and Solange Knowles are just three of the celebrities who have been spotted with tiny tats, helping them rise in popularity, as reported by Glamour.

A popular placement option for floral tattoos is on the ribcage

Another idea for where to place a floral tattoo is the ribs, as seen in this design from Next Luxury and from danielnijveld_com via Instagram. Just look at this gorgeous example: the black ink, the variety incorporated, the shape of the leaves, the small circle of dots going around it that add some interesting geometry ... It is so good.

One of the best parts about body art is all the unique choices that make up a single tat. From the design and its style to the colors and the size, it is easy to end up with a flower like no one has ever seen or, on the other hand, to go in with your best buds and all come out with matching tattoos.

Whatever the plan is, keep the ribcage in mind, as it is a secret and sexy placement option and one that is well worth the pain.

You could even get a matching floral tattoo with your BFF

Speaking of matching tattoos, here are some that were pointed out on and done by Sol Ink Tattoo.

Is this a favorite flower, shared between two friends or siblings? Are these cousins, and perhaps this flower was one that their grandmother always grew? Is this a random design that a couple saw and decided to get permanently put onto their bodies?

However the artwork came to be on these wrists, we love the idea of getting the exact same or similar design as someone close to us (whether that be a BFF, a significant other, a family member, or a stranger, in the case of losing some weird bet), which really takes the relationship to the next level. With varying designs, it is also neat to see everyone's individual personality come out, as a single flower gets a different treatment, customized for each person participating in the fun activity.