Makeup Trends That Will Completely Take Over 2022

Makeup trends are always evolving, and that's a good thing. Remember block eyebrows and incessant baking? Intentional dryness is a trend of the past now, as we've seen fresh and dewy looks dominate the beauty industry in 2020 and 2021. This past year has also seen a resurgence in creative makeup looks and inventive new styles of expression that have exploded on TikTok over the past year.

Perhaps the most surprising trend dominating 2022 beauty looks is the comeback of early 2000's fashion trends. Vogue attributes this boom in Y2K trends in part to TikTok creators, who have brought frosty eyes and hot pink lip gloss to the forefront of the fashion industry. Big brands have taken notice, and kitsch and camp have intersected with nostalgic silhouettes to bring the trends that will completely take over 2022.

While the role of nostalgic Y2K fashion is heavily present in trends for the new year, bold and editorial looks are also coming in hot, with whimsical and abstract eyeliner shapes giving makeup artists more freedom than ever to experiment with alternative styles. Keep reading to find out more about the fresh and fun makeup trends that will be everywhere in 2022.

Neon highlighter hues are having a moment

What better way to highlight your eyes than with highlighter-inspired shades? Neon eye-looks were heavily featured in Versace's Spring and Summer 2022 collection at Fashion Week in Milan. Dua Lipa opened and closed the show with a bright blue and green cat-eye look designed by the legendary makeup artist, Pat McGrath (via Vogue). The Y2K-inspired runway featured hot pinks and sequins, indicating a resurgence of early 2000s styles that are best complimented by equally bright and audacious makeup looks and neon hues.

Another big moment for neon shades occurred at the Prabal Gurung Spring and Summer 2022 runway, where Gurung broke down gender roles and binaries in his collection for the new year (via Vogue). Gurung's gender-queer runway was accentuated by pops of neon adorning both his masculine- and feminine-presenting models. Neon green eyeliner and hot pink shadows highlighted clean and minimal skincare applications.

As more designers embrace non-binary fashion, makeup trends may move farther away from old-fashioned expectations for femininity in favor of gender non-specific modes of self-expression. The cartoonishly bright pigments of neon makeup are for everyone, as Gurung asserted through his tradition-defying runway for 2022.

Lip gloss will be popping in 2022

The great Ariana Grande once said, "my gloss is poppin'," and truer words have never been spoken. The move away from dry, matte lips has been confirmed by glossy runway looks heavily featured in the Spring/Summer 2022 runway by Blumarine (via Harper's Bazaar). The runway show was packed full of Y2K trends through the lens of a current and modern designer. Gloss isn't being limited to just the lips either; glossy eyelids had a moment in the Blumarine show as well.

To accompany the glossy eyes and lips, models also sported body glitter. Not to be mistaken with the more subtle varieties of body shimmer, these models resembled festival-goers with their glittery applications on their faces, necks, and shoulders.

The makeup artist behind the glittery and glossy looks was Isamaya Ffrench, who isn't afraid to go for the bold. For Burberry's Spring and Summer 2022 show, the makeup artist designed and applied massive silicone, pointed ears to the runway models to create what Dazed dubbed as the "Bambi ear." If giant, elfin ears are a step too far for the average makeup enthusiast, perhaps sticking to Ffrench's glossy eyes and lips is the way to go for 2022.

Over-the-top eye embellishments are happening

Everyday we move closer and closer to becoming Effie Trinket from "The Hunger Games" trilogy, and it's a good look. The glittery eye looks inspired by "Euphoria" in 2021 have morphed into the more extreme eye embellishments seen at the LUAR and Etro runways.

Makeup artist Jen Myles accented LUAR models with pearl eye accents for the Spring 2022 runway collection featuring minimalist looks (via Vogue). The pops of unexpected embellishments highlighted the chic and clean foundation applications and classic cat eyes.

The Spring and Summer 2022 show for Etro featured bold metallic foils and gems adorning soft liners and neutral shadows (via Vogue). The bohemian collection characterized by paisley prints and 1970s silhouettes was accentuated by the unique applications of gems under the models' eyes in lieu of brightening concealer. Maximalism appears to be a running theme, as makeup artists seem to be drawing inspiration from Harajuku styles and anime eye shapes, as seen in Givenchy's painted-on eyelash look (via HighSnobiety).

Red lips are here to stay in 2022

The red lip will simply never go out of style. With the release of "Red (Taylor's Version)" in November 2021, it's no surprise that red is here to stay. The classic look was seen on Kendall Jenner for the Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2022 runway in a neon red hue. Complemented by sleek hairstyles and glowy, natural skin, the pops of red kept basic silhouettes and little black dresses feeling fresh and classy.

The CR Fashion Book highlighted the Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2022 runway, which similarly featured red lips. Every model sported a bold red lip with shades that varied from burgundy to red-orange. Subtle varieties of red hues celebrated each model's unique skin tone through dramatic pops of complementary colors. The collection heavily featured catsuits and shoulder pads as a callback to '80s fashion trends, and the red lips with blue-undertones tied the runway together into a cohesive, modern take on retro styles.

Pastels are creating the most whimsical eye looks

Graphic pastel eyeliner and editorial shapes are going to be big in 2022. New York Fashion Week saw the Monse runway show bring pastels to the forefront with dreamy teal accents highlighting the inner corners and creases of the models' eyes. The runway featured elevated athletic silhouettes with crochet accents, making for a dreamy and cozy vibe.

The Paul & Joe Spring and Summer 2022 show similarly featured crocheted staple pieces and pastel eyeliner (via Vogue). The makeup team took the pastel look a bit further with the Paul & Joe runway by creating fun pastel cloud shapes on just one of each model's eyes. The asymmetrical looks make for a fun and campy trend that we can look forward to experimenting with in the new year.

To bring romance and sweetness to the pastel trend, the Tanya Taylor Spring 2022 collection featured soft swatches of pastel tones on the outer corners of models' eyes. The Tanya Taylor website describes the brand's take on femininity in the collection as "modern, artful, and liberating." The diversity in pastel eye looks illustrates the versatility of the new trend that we can expect to see in 2022. Whether you want to go for a graphic liner, a fun asymmetrical design, or a wash of softness, the pastel trend is here for everyone to experiment and express themselves with.

Statement blush is bringing freshness to the new year

While blush has traditionally served to bring back a natural glow into the application process, statement washes of bright blush tones have entered the scene. The Anna Sui Spring/Summer 2022 runway featured bright washes of coral blush (via Vogue). The resort-inspired collection used statement blush swashes in bright pinks and oranges to give models an exaggerated glow.

The trend was also seen on the Carolina Herrera runway, which sported peachy blush tones across their range of models. The orange creamsicle tones brought vivacity to the show that opened with black and white pieces and austere silhouettes. As the runway transitioned into a swirl of hot pinks, florals, and neon reds, the bright blush tones blended seamlessly into the mix.

Bold blush tones are perfect for any skin tone, but they appear especially striking and vibrant on darker skin tones. To find the best shade to join in on the trend, try a bright coral or orange that best complements the undertones in your skin tone. Warm undertones may be best served with orange and red shades, whereas cool undertones will make pinks and corals shine.

The dream of the '90s is alive in 2022 lip trends

If you thought the grunge fashion comeback was a thing of the past, think again. Brown lips and lip liner are here to stay for 2022, as seen in the Christian Cowan Spring/Summer 2022 show (via Vogue). The clubwear-inspired runway revisited club-kid styles from the '80s and revitalized the aesthetic with Gen-Z checker print patterns and grunge makeup. Mostly-nude models with outrageous headwear and glittery textiles were brought back down to earth with natural-toned lipsticks and dark lip liner. The makeup designs for the runway came from makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench. "It's all quite glam," she said of the looks for the runway. The artist referred to designs as "elevated and gorgeous," as quoted on the Smashbox Cosmetics Instagram.

The Cinq À Sept runway was also filled with brown lipstick looks courtesy of Bobbi Brown makeup. Inspired by the '60s and '70s, the runway featured relaxed and playful looks with muted colors. Buttery soft brown lipstick kept the looks united and soft. 

Diffused lips in bold colors keep the vampy look fresh for 2022

While darker lip colors have been on the downward trend for the past few years, Phoebe Bridgers brought the vampy lip back to the public eye for the 2021 Grammy Awards Ceremony in her iconic skeleton dress and silver hair (via People). Vampy lips are coming back into style, but with a twist: Diffused lip colors keep the look soft and modern.

Coach's Spring/Summer 2022 show featured fun and edgy looks that were accented by diffused lips in deep purple and poppy coral shades. Drawing inspiration from alternative Gen Z fashion trends, the fresh take on bold lips is keeping the look relevant for the new year. The overall runway featured a plethora of looks that were inspired by younger styles and thrifted aesthetics. Grazia Magazine described the collection as "not only wearable but incredibly fun."

Anyone who was obsessed with dark lip colors in the 2010s knows that the darker matte tones can be dry, flaky, and a pain to maintain. Romy Soleimani, the makeup artist behind the Ulla Johnson Spring and Summer 2022 runway, similarly featured diffused lips for the earthy and bohemian inspired collection. Soleimani revealed to Vogue that the key to the look was layering on color from the center and fanning it out with a lip brush to achieve an ombré effect. Tinted lip balm underneath keeps the lips moisturized and provides a smooth base for application.

Icy tones and Y2K styles dominate 2022 trends

Both frosty blue eyeshadow and icy pink lips are making a comeback. You can't have Y2K fashion without the frosty shades, and brands have taken note. The Jason Wu runway for Spring/Summer 2022 featured soft blue shadows feathering out from the eyes onto the cheekbones. Complemented by shift dress silhouettes popularized in the '90s, the subtle hints of color are universally flattering across a wide range of skin tones and accompanying outfits.

Moschino leaned heavily into frosty pink lips for their colorful Spring/Summer 2022 runway (via V Magazine). Their characteristically campy style did not falter for this show, as models walked the runway in quilted and pastel textiles that brought back motifs from early childhood. Early, early childhood. Think "toddler-chic."

While there was no hint of irony when frosty shades were popular in Y2K, runways featuring the upcoming trend are now leaning into the light-heartedness of the early 2000s trends through the lens of today's styles.

Natural, fluffy brows are in

Full eyebrows continue to dominate trends for 2022, but the emphasis is on natural and fluffy looks as opposed to the block brows of the mid-2010s.

Celebrity makeup artist Katrina Klein spoke to Harper's Bazaar about the growing preference for lightly sculpted brows from her clients. "It's all about big, fluffy brows without harsh edges," she said in an interview. Softly swept eyebrows are all about minimal product and maximum shaping. For people without thick eyebrows, filling in areas of sparseness can make a world of difference for the natural look. New products are also emerging that combine brow regrowth with makeup.

The makeup brand Iris&Romeo has formulated a new product called "Brow Up," which combines tinted brow balm makeup with hair growth serum to promote regrowth, as reported in Harper's Bazaar. Lightly sculpted and unplucked brows are best supplemented with soft, diffused products that keep things light and fresh for everyone who likes to keep their morning routines easy and breezy.

Unnatural, colorful brows are also in

Both the bleached, colorless brow and the vibrant, colorful brow are making their way into trends for 2022. Bright hues dominated Paris Fashion Week for Fall and Winter 2021, and they're expected to only grow from there. Bleached brows have made their way into mainstream beauty in the past year, as celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Maisie Williams sported them on the red carpet. For the 2021 BRIT Awards, Williams debuted her platinum blonde hair, along with platinum blonde brows she had bleached to match (via Allure).

For the Threeasfour Spring and Summer 2021 runway, the brand featured fire-red colored eyebrows to color match the vibrant red and orange futuristic looks (via Vogue). Known for its otherworldly style, Threeasfour showcased daring new looks for 2022, including a laser-cut dress, bold shoulder pads, and catsuits that looked like they had been taken straight off the pages of a science-fiction comic.

If the vibrant crayon colors are a bit much for the average consumer, bleached brows are an easy way to experiment with unnatural eyebrow looks. The bleached brow is also fairly easy to fake with some light concealer, setting powder, and a Spoolie brush.