Celebs You Had No Idea Were The Same Age

Have you ever looked up someone on IMDb and been totally shocked by how old they are? Some people just age a little better than others and comparing one star to another of the same age can be totally bewildering.

To be clear, everyone ages at their own pace and there's nothing wrong with it. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and this post is not meant to shame anyone. Instead, it's simply a fascinating look at how genetics, lifestyle choices, and even movie roles can shape how a celebrity changes over time. Take a look at these side-by-side comparisons and be amazed!

Kate Upton vs Selena Gomez

Kate Upton has been an icon of the fashion industry for years from shows on the hottest runways to the cover of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition multiple times. Clearly, she's a beautiful, desirable woman but there's something about her face that is a little... mature for her age. After all, she's only 24 years old!

It's easier to see when you compare her to Selena Gomez who just so happens to be the same age! It's been a while since the singer/actress appeared on Wizards of Waverly Place but maybe some of the show's magic had a lingering effect on her looks. She looks several years younger than Upton!

Jennifer Lawrence vs Sarah Hyland

Jennifer Lawrence got her big break with The Hunger Games but she's gone on to become an Oscar-winning actress with huge roles in Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and Joy. Maybe it's because she's taken on such serious roles but some could argue that she looks a little older than her 26 years.

Meanwhile, Sarah Hyland, an essential member of the ensemble cast of Modern Family, is also 26-years-old, but somehow looks a lot younger than Lawrence. It could be that her role allows her to be more fun-loving which, in turn, makes her appear younger — but there's also something about those plump cheeks that give her a more youthful look!

Taylor Swift vs Dakota Johnson

When Taylor Swift broke into the music industry with her self-titled album in 2006, she was just 17 years old. It's been more than a decade but, for some reason, it's hard to believe that she's actually aged that much. With her girly style, carefree songs, and steady stream of whirlwind romances, it just feels like she's in a much earlier stage in life.

Dakota Johnson may not have as long or big a career as Swift but she does have deep Hollywood roots – her mother is Melanie Griffith (which means her grandmother is The Birds star, Tippi Hendren), and her father is Don Johnson. The budding actress has been captivating audiences with her risqué portrayal of Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades movies but, despite the innocence of Ms. Steele, we can't help but notice that Johnson looks a bit older than 27 years old (and certainly older than Taylor Swift!).

Emilia Clarke vs Lena Dunham

When she's not busy wearing an elegant toga-gown as the "Mother of Dragons" on Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke goes about her life as a regular 30-year-old with homes in both London and Venice Beach. Despite filming many scenes in desert conditions, Clarke's skin still looks smooth and hydrated, giving her a really youthful look.

Meanwhile, her same-age counterpart, Lena Dunham, looks several years older, in the very least. The actress, who is best known as the creator and star of HBO's hit show, Girls, tends to opt for a more organic, down-to-earth look and takes on roles that are a bit grittier. Maybe her more subdued persona adds to a more mature look, but it's hard to accept that she and Clarke are really the same age.

Katherine Heigl vs Rachel McAdams

For years now, Katherine Heigl has been surrounded by rumors that she's difficult to work with and, as a result, we haven't seen much of her lately. Citing bad writing on the part of Grey's Anatomy staff, she declined to be considered for an Emmy Award back in 2007 and famously clashed with Seth Rogen after making disparaging remarks about her role in his film, Knocked Up. They say that a bad attitude can age a person. Combine that with the fact that Heigl smoked for years and you can see how she might look a little older than 38.

On the other hand, Rachel McAdams is the same age but looks much younger. Despite the fact that she wasn't very nice as Regina George in Mean Girls, there has been very little controversy surrounding the actress. Over the years, the Canadian star has won the hearts of audiences in films such as The Notebook and made the leap into the Marvel Universe as the title character's love interest in Doctor Strange.

Jim Parsons vs Andrew Lincoln

Anyone who has watched The Big Bang Theory will be familiar with Sheldon Cooper. Neurotic and brilliant, the character's love for trains and video games makes him seem more youthful. Despite being 43 years old, Jim Parsons is more than able to bring a childlike enthusiasm to the role for which he has won widespread recognition.

It's completely shocking to look at a picture of Jim Parsons next to Andrew Lincoln and accept that they are, in fact, the same age. Maybe it's because of all of the sun-drenched days he's spent filming The Walking Dead in the Atlanta sun but Lincoln looks older. Actually, to be honest, maybe the erstwhile Rick Grimes looks his age and it's just that Parsons still looks like a kid!

Paul Rudd vs Rory McCann

When you look back at movies throughout Paul Rudd's career, it's a little jarring. The man has barely aged in two decades! Most people first saw him in Clueless back in 1995. Compare him then, to how he looked in 2005 when The 40-Year-Old Virgin was released! It's amazing. Leap ahead another 10 years to 2015 when Ant-Man was released and your mind will be blown! Maybe he's a vampire!?

Compare Rudd's youthful face to Game of Thrones' Rory McCann and you will be shocked all over again to learn that they are both 47. Again, this is more about Rudd looking young than it is about McCann aging badly, but it's still hard to believe that these men were born in the same year.

John Stamos vs Mike Myers

Back in 1982, General Hospital viewers swooned over the new character, Blackie Parrish, handsomely portrayed by John Stamos. The actor really came into his own, however, in the role of Jesse Katsopolis on Full House. Today, at 53 years old, he's still making hearts beat faster, even if it's just in commercials for Greek yogurt!

By comparison, Austin Powers actor and creator, Mike Myers, looks every bit of his 53 years and it's hard to reconcile that he is the same age as Stamos. The former Saturday Night Live cast member has gone fully grey and is usually photographed wearing a pair of glasses. He looks great too but we can't help but quote Uncle Jesse when we see John Stamos these days: "Have mercy!"

Chuck Norris vs Michael Gambon

Chuck Norris vs Michael Gambon

Let's just get one thing out of the way – Chuck Norris is not a normal human being. There are plenty of memes and facts around the internet to support this claim. It's not a shock, therefore, that the martial arts expert and action star is 76 years old, but looks much younger. Father Time came looking for him but Norris dealt him a roundhouse kick to the face!

Meanwhile, Michael Gambon looks like a typical 76-year-old man. This is precisely why he was such a good pick for the role of Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series (he took on the role after the original Dumbledore, Richard Harris, passed away in 2002).

On a side note... who wouldn't want to see a battle between Norris' fast feet and powerful punches, and Gambon's superior spell-casting with the Elder Wand?