The Fictional Characters That Best Represent Every Zodiac Sign

Are you an astrology true believer who feels your character and your destiny can be read in the stars? Or are you more of a skeptic who feels that all that zodiac stuff is just based on vague, one-size-fits all generalizations? Even if you're a hardcore horoscope disbeliever, surely you'd agree that it's fair game to use the not-so-scientific art of astrology to analyze characters who were also made up.

Even though all of these fictional characters were born in an author's or scriptwriter's imagination rather than under any particular constellation, each one embodies certain characteristics that allow us to take a good guess at their sun sign. Quite a few of these characters actually do have canonical birthdays, and in many cases we felt that their personality traits did line up with their sun signs. In several cases, however, we felt that our characters had personalities that were more in tune with a different sign than the one under which they were said to be born — how many of us can relate to that? (Perhaps the ones we picked were their rising signs, instead.)

Aries: Captain James T. Kirk

According to the Star Trek database, Captain James Tiberius Kirk was (or will be) born on James March 22, 2233, although his future birthplace of Riverside, Iowa has inexplicably pushed his birth date forward 5 years to 2228, according to Reuters. No matter the discrepancy, both dates which would make him an Aries, as is the actor who first played him, William Shatner (who also shares that March 22 birthday).

Syfy Wire explains why Kirk is so obviously an Aries. In short, it all boils down to his impulsivity. While Kirk is a doer — as they put it, "He likes to do things. And people. And aliens. He likes to do every damn thing except his job, honestly" — he's all big picture and doesn't pay a whole lot of attention to all the petty details. (He's got a crew to take care of such dull stuff, after all). They also bring up Kirk's well-known propensity for over-emoting, which is another very Aries-like thing to do.

Taurus: Ferdinand the Bull

White cows can give birth at any time of year, Farm Progress reports that most beef cattle are calved between-the months of February through April. That bit of agricultural knowledge aside, we're going to assign the fictional Ferdinand a birth date in late April or early May because he couldn't be anything other than a Taurus.

What makes Ferdinand such a stereotypical bull, apart from his species? Tauruses, as Allure tells us, are gentle, beauty-loving souls who enjoy nothing more than relaxing in a peaceful environment, just like Ferdinand who finds his happy place in a field full of flowers. While an angry Taurus can be a fearsome sight, the main Taurus modus operandi is to wear down all opposition through sheer stubbornness. Ferdinand, while the sweetest of bulls, nevertheless made good use of his own obstinate nature by refusing to play along when forced into a bull ring. In the end, this got him what he'd wanted all along: to be left alone with his precious flowers. Nothing could be more Taurus-like than that!

Bonus fun fact: John Cena, who voiced the title role in the animated movie Ferdinand, is himself an Taurus (via Hello Astrology).

Gemini: Princess Leia

Princess Leia, as anyone familiar with the Star Wars mythos is aware, is a twin, sister to Jedi knight Luke Skywalker (and daughter of Darth Vader, something that left her with a few issues). While she doesn't seem to have a canonical birthday, to us Princess Leia seems like a typical Twin as well as a twin.

As Elite Daily describes her, Princess Leia is highly intelligent and very witty, as seen by her bantering with love of her life, Han Solo. Speaking of her complicated romantic life, that almost-triangle she finds herself in with Solo and Skywalker (before she finds out that Luke's her brother, of course!) is also a pretty Gemini thing to do, as it's not unknown for Geminis to have multiple suitors before they finally choose to settle down with just one. Yet another reason we think Leia's a late spring baby is the fact that she's easily able to switch from being a pampered princess to a rebel fighter, further evidence of her Gemini-like dual nature.

Cancer: Sailor Moon

Beloved anime schoolgirl heroine Sailor Moon does have a birthday: in an episode of the first series, she is shown celebrating on June 30. In honor of this birth date, CBR says that fans have declared June 30 to be International Sailor Moon Day. This unofficial holiday itself seems to be pretty canon by now, as even the series' producer takes part in the celebration.

A June 30 birthday makes Sailor Moon a Cancer, but this sign just happens to suit her personality perfectly anyway. As Garage says, she's very emotional and has a tendency to be weepy (it's even her superpower! manipulative much?) and can also be kind of lazy. She's incredibly sweet and loving, though, even if her romantic side can be a bit OTT at times (that insta-love with Tuxedo Moon). Still, at the end of the day, this crab may come across as a soft shell, but she can still deliver a powerful pinch (or punch) when need be.

Leo: Harry Potter

Harry Potter, according to a timeline put together by National Today, was born on July 31, 1980, which is exactly 15 years to the day after the birthday of creator J.K. Rowling. This means that he was 10 years old when Rowling first dreamed him up in 1990, but nearly 17 when his (and her) first book was published in June of 1997.

More to the point, though, Potter's late July birthday means he is a Leo, which is the only possible sign for the Gryffindor's Gryffindor. Lion-hearted Harry, after all, is a born leader and one who, after an inauspicious beginning to his life, has never once left the spotlight. It's not that he's trying to be a diva, it's just that he can't help it, after all. As ScreenRant points out, he is the series' hero (and namesake), and heroism is one of the defining traits of a Leo.

Virgo: Hermione Granger

While some Potterheads would have dearly loved to ship Harry with Hermione, there's a good reason why the two would never have made it as a couple. It's not that Hermione, who Young Entertainment tell us was born on September 19, 1979, is a few months older than Harry, and he certainly never minded the fact that she was Muggle-born. No, it's just that Hermione's September birth date makes her a Virgo, and Leo and Virgo aren't exactly a match made in heaven (or the heavens, as it were).

Mugglenet goes so far as to call Hermione the "ultimate Virgo," citing her worrywart tendencies, her skepticism, and her analytical nature as typical Virgo traits. To this we'd like to add the fact that she's a perfectionist and is almost fanatically-dedicated to her pursuit of learning (that time-turner ...), but you could not find a more loyal friend in either the Wizarding or Muggle worlds. That's so Virgo.

Libra: Arthur Read

Even if the name "Arthur Read" doesn't ring a bell, you'd definitely recognize the world's best-loved aardvark as soon as you saw him. According to PBS, Arthur made his literary debut in 1976, and he's been a TV star since the '90s. While we find out pretty early on in the series the date of Arthur's birthday (according to IMDb, "Arthur's Birthday" was the 10th episode of Season 1), we're disinclined to believe that he was really born on May 25. Perhaps, like Queen Elizabeth, he just has an official late-spring birthday for his adoring public? Or it could be he was born under the rising sign of Libra, which would suit him even better than his Gemini sun sign does.

As ScreenRant sees it, Arthur, a true Libra by nature (if not by birth), is all about balance. He is nothing if not fair-minded, and he always tries to mediate whenever his friends have a conflict. Even when he has a conflict of his own, he tries to come up with a solution that is fair to everyone. Restoring peace and harmony to every situation is Libra's true mission in life, and no-one does it better than Arthur. As a plus, he usually manages to do it all in under 10 minutes worth of screen time!

Scorpio: James Bond

If you look up "James Bond's birthday," you'll find the date given as April 13, which would make Bond an Aries, but he has far too much finesse to be a fiery ram. What's more, April 13 has no special significance for the character himself, but refers to the 1953 date that the first novel featuring Ian Fleming's iconic hero was published (via Cinema Blend).

If the world's best-known super-spy isn't an Aries, what sign would he be? Of course, he could only be a Scorpio. Pandora Astrology lists any number of ways in which Bond is the ultimate Scorpio: he is mysterious, extremely secretive (duh, kind of goes with the whole spy gig), very intense, and super-sexy. Zodiac Fire's Scorpio profile also adds the fact that Scorpios can be unforgiving when they feel they've been wronged and downright brutal should they lose their tempers — just ask Dr. No, Oddjob, and countless other villains if this doesn't just fit Bond to a T. Scorpios do have a softer side, however, and when they fall in love, they fall hard, which is exactly what happened with Bond and his poor, doomed wife in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service".

Sagittarius: Robin Hood

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, and what archer is more famous than Robin Hood? Sorry, Katniss, but he's been a main character in over 50 movies (via Robin Hood Movies) to your four, not to mention countless books, TV shows, stage plays, etc. ... Oh yeah, and he might even be a historical character, to boot. Historic UK notes that manuscripts in the British Museum indicate the real Robin Hood might have been born around 1160, but we still don't have a clue as to the actual month and day so we're just going to assign the man (or at least his fictional counterpart) a late November/early December birth date.

So what, besides the arrows, makes Robin Hood the archetypal Archer? Go To Horoscope notes that the Sagittarius, like Robin Hood, is a man (or person) of the people, always ready to stand up for the rights of those less fortunate if not literally robbing the rich to give to the poor. ModernEast also speaks of Sagittarians' idealistic natures as well as their yen to travel, both of which fit our always-on-the-go man in green.

Capricorn: Sherlock Holmes

While Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never specified Sherlock Holmes' actual birthday, Sherlockians have chosen January 6 as his special day for a variety of arcane reasons we won't go into here (you can puzzle over them at I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere). What we will say, however, is that the  birth date suits him perfectly, since January 6th falls under the sign of Capricorn.

Sherlock, like a true Capricorn, is quite a serious fellow. When on the case, he will work tirelessly and follow every lead, and he's never more animated than when "the game is afoot!" In some ways he can be an out-of-the-box kind of guy, yet he's also a relic of the Victorian era, and that ties in with Capricorns' fondness for tradition. In fact, as the Diogenes Club points out, Sherlock is a bit of a history buff himself. While the great detective would probably be skeptical (in true Capricorn fashion) of our astrological analysis of his personality, the facts of the case do seem to fit our hypothesis.

Aquarius: Gandalf

Who knew immortal wizards even had birthdays ... or that the most famous wizard since Merlin would have his on Valentine's Day? But yes, according to LOTR blog It's a Dangerous Business, Frodo, February 14, 3019 (Third Age) was the date on which Gandalf was born. Or rather, re-born, since Gandalf the Grey had died (sort of) and then rose again as Gandalf the White.

Well, his new birthday was an appropriate one, since Valentine's Day occurs while the sun is in Aquarius, and no one could be more Aquarian than Gandalf. Ok, so he's more of a staff-bearer than a water-bearer, but, like any Aquarian, Gandalf is ... well, unconventional, to put it mildly. He's a humanitarian (elfitarian, dwarfitarian, pretty much anything but orcitarian), but as Syfy Wire points out, he has some issues actually relating to humans (elves, dwarves, etc.) on a one-to-one basis because he just doesn't seem to get the whole relating to people (or other species) on the same level thing. Possibly because Gandalf and his fellow Aquarians really aren't on anyone else's level, since they're more likely to be living on their own personal planets. Still, Aquarians mean well, in their own random way, so we'd classify the typically Aquarian Gandalf as chaotic good.

Pisces: Dorothy Gale

At the end of the zodiac we find Pisces, a sign for all the dreamers and wanderers who eventually decide, "There's no place like home." For this reason, we assign a Pisces birth date to Dorothy Gale, a young girl who traveled the length and breadth of Oz with Toto in tow before choosing to return to her Kansas farm.

Which is why we feel that Dorothy herself must have been a Pisces. ScreenRant says her sensitive, emotional nature is perfectly Piscean, and the fact that her entire adventure apparently occurs in a dream makes her a perfect fit for the most imaginative of the signs. Livingly adds that Dorothy's loyalty to her friends and family is also a Pisces trait, as is the fact that her love of home eventually wins out over her more adventurous side.