Libra Traits, Dating, Friendships, And More Explained

Libras are born between September 23 and October 22. These autumnal air signs are ruled by the planet Venus, making them amiable, diplomatic, loving, and absolutely charming (via Astrology). 

Libras love connecting with people and are able to bring out the best in those around them, and are also able to perfectly adapt to different groups and settings. Take a Libra to a black tie affair or a rodeo and they will quickly endear themselves to everyone around them and appear like they've always belonged. And if anyone around them feels out of place? They'll somehow make them feel right at home, too.  

This ability to make others feel safe and comfortable makes sense when you understand that these Venusian-based babes care greatly for justice and abhor conflict of any kind (notice that their sign is depicted as scales). This makes them incredible peacemakers; they can help talk down a high-intensity situation and bring logical and peaceful resolution to conflicts. Their loving, gentle nature helps to create peace and harmony in all things. Interestingly, however, this same passion for justice means they care a lot about issues dear to their hearts, so crossing a Libra by hurting an innocent animal or a kind person who did nothing to harm you first, for instance, is a fast way to get onto their bad side.  

More Libra traits

Libras also channel their loving hearts toward aesthetics, and they are moved deeply by the beauty they encounter in the world (via Astrology). As such, they tend to be huge fans of nature, art, fashion, music, and culture. Their homes tend to be carefully decorated to meet their precise style, as they love to surround themselves and those they love with warmth and beauty. It's likely they have a distinct style when it comes to clothing, makeup, and accessories as well. Libras aren't superficial or materialistic necessarily, as they tend to be moved more by how a piece makes them feel than by how much it costs, but they do certainly appreciate the finer things in life. 

Libras make for great artists as well, whether they dabble in the visual, performing, or language arts. They are likely to be the first on a dance floor, in the front row of a concert, making art with their own two hands, writing a poem, or planting flowers in a garden. Leaving people and places better than they found them is almost always their ultimate goal.

Ironically, Libras aren't always the most balanced people

As with any sign, the upsides of Libras are also accompanied by some drawbacks (via Cosmopolitan). Because Libras tend to be able to see all sides of an argument or issue, they are great diplomats. However, this same ability to see something from every angle makes them pretty bad at making decisions. Choosing which apartment to rent, what car to buy, or which job to pursue can truly send Libra into a tailspin. They'll make lists obsessively to find a logical choice and feel their way to the "perfect" answer. Basically, they hate that there often isn't a "right and wrong," just different experiences. This truly stresses them out and their indecision can baffle and frustrate those closest to them.

Couple this with another of Libra's tough traits, perfectionism, and you've got a difficult-to-swallow cocktail sometimes. Libras always want to know that they are improving themselves, their lives, and the lives of those around them. As such, they sometimes have a hard time taking pride in progress if it isn't yet resulting in perfection. While it's admirable that they want to be the best possible versions of themselves, create the best possible versions of their relationships, and help those they love become the best versions of themselves as well, that can be a lot to demand of oneself and of others. 

What is it like dating a Libra?

Libras are classic romantics (via In fact, they're considered the most romantic and love-focused sign of the zodiac. That romanticism and their dedication to harmony makes Libras passionate, dedicated, gentle, loving, and supportive partners. They will shower their partner with affection and will work to make their relationships better. They will go above and beyond to make their beloved feel appreciated, seen, understood, and adored. They're active listeners and will take feedback seriously where it comes to love languages and improving/growing a relationship.  

However, when a Libra says they want their relationship to get "better," what they are really striving for is "perfect." Idealists to a fault, Libras are always seeking the highest and best for themselves and for the world at large. They can therefore have a hard time coping with imperfections or with conflicts that naturally arise in relationships. This can cause Libras to take longer to commit to a person than other signs. They have a lot to give and expect it in return, so they are careful about to whom they give that energy. They can also come off as intense and over-the-top to signs less prone to romance. 

Libras are also naturally flirtatious. While they are committed to their partners and are deeply loyal, they always have a flock of admirers and like the attention. So for someone who likes to show off their gorgeous partner? Libras are perfect. For someone more insecure who prefers a subdued partner? Look elsewhere. 

What is it like to be friends with a Libra?

Libras truly make wonderful, loyal, and loving lifelong friends (via Power of Positivity). That ability to see all sides thing we keep talking about? That means when you have a problem you need to talk out with someone, there are few people better able to help you than a Libra. Further, because they are deeply loyal and loving toward their closest companions, they will meet you with compassion and gentleness while helping you work through something. And when conflict arises, they will virtually never stoop to intentionally-hurtful behavior and will instead do their best to work through the issue with you with fairness and kindness. 

And during the good times? You couldn't find a more fun friend! Need someone to go to that concert with you last minute? Need someone who will appreciate your museum passes? Or someone you can take as a wedding date? Libra is your go-to! They can rub elbows with the finest while discussing art and history or dance the night away barefoot on a beach with you.

What are the careers best suited for a Libra?

If you are a Libra, you are a very well-rounded employee, and no matter what job you do, your bosses, peers, and anyone working under you probably like and appreciate you (at least they should!). Some even call Libras the most employable sign in the zodiac because of their diplomatic, well-balanced, personable natures (via Your Tango). That said, it doesn't mean Libras will thrive in every job setting, so here are some careers that best suit this sign.

Careers like authors, motivational speakers, influencers, teachers, or counsellors all utilize Libras' greatest strengths: their ability to communicate clearly, their love for people, their desire to make the world a better place, and their passion for making a positive impact. They might also love a side hustle that involves making art or helping people (like running their own Etsy shop or working as a bartender). Careers that allow Libras to grow without becoming hyper-stressed or faced with too much conflict are ideal for these altruistic lovers of beauty and humanity.    

Who are some famous Libras?

Speaking of careers that work well for Libras, there are several Libra celebrities whose careers perfectly embody everything we just mentioned, and we bet you won't be surprised to learn these folks are ruled by Venus. 

First up, we have "The Boss," everyone's favorite relatable Jersey Boy, Bruce Springsteen, who not only commands a crowd and writes powerful music, but his lyrics display his innate romanticism and depth of emotion (via Oprah Daily). Another Libra star who made his career through music (and movies!) is Will Smith. His warm energy, passionate acting, and magnetic persona have made him an A-lister. 

The queen of everyone's hearts since she won over the Von Trapp children (and their handsome father) in "The Sound of Music," Julie Andrews is another Libra who used her voice and stunning presence to enamor generations. Other famous Libra celebs include Kim Kardashian, Eminem, Usher, Barbara Walters, Donald Glover, and Serena Williams.