Aquarius: Traits, Dating, Friendships And More Explained

Aquarius people, born between January 20th and February 18th, tend to get a reputation as unique individuals. To some, they're known as the aliens of the zodiac, but is that all that this air sign is known for? While it's true that Aquarians tend to be creative, they're also humanitarians who are pretty easy going (via Cosmopolitan). One of their best characteristics is that they're on a mission to save the world, and they have the smarts to do it.

Aquarians care a lot about the causes near to their hearts and about the world around them. As such, you might find them at a protest, volunteering on the weekend, or donating their money and time to a good cause. Not only that, but they're great listeners who are down to have an intellectual conversation (via Astrology.Care). But along with being creative game-changers, Aquarians can also be unpredictable and aloof.

Aquarians are living in their own world

While an Aquarius is someone you can turn to when you need to talk, they're kind of hard to get some one-on-one time with. According to Thought Catalog, a negative trait of Aquarians is that they're detached and distant. If you're in a relationship with an Aquarius person and your love language is quality time, it may be tricky. But that's because they have so many creative projects they're working on at once. 

Aquarians are also air signs, which means they can get a bad rep for living in their own heads or in a fantasy world (via The Cut). How else are they supposed to come up with creative ways to solve life's problems? As a fixed sign, Aquarians are often considered stubborn, and it is known to be their one major "flow" (via Allure). As open-,minded and caring as they are, they are pretty staunchly set in their opinions and their ways.

 If your partner or bestie is an Aquarius, you just have to allow them to do their own thing. But at the same time, know that when you are together, you'll have great convos, feel totally supported, and have a quirky fun time.

What is it like to be in a relationship with an Aquarius?

Forming a romantic connection with an Aquarius usually works best when that connection begins as a friendship (via Aquarians place great value on relationships that come with an easy, honest flow of energy without a whole lot of expectation or pretense involved. Forming friendships comes with far fewer complications than forming romantic relationships, and so being friends first allows an Aquarius to truly get to know someone and let the love and attraction grow naturally. 

An Aquarius needs to feel truly mentally connected to their partner, and the ability to have great conversation is just as important to them as romance and passion. In fact, no matter how much an Aquarius might be attracted to you, if they don't feel that friendship and that intilectual match with you, they likely won't pursue you romantically. 

Aquarian's stubborn streak can show up in relationships, so when it does, make sure you are communicating clearly to them, as they value communication and are likely to hear you when you explain rather than just react. They will need their own space and time to pursue their various callings and causes, so don't ever feel that is a reflection on how much they care about you. They need their space, but they will always come home to you to tell you about what matters to them.   

What is it like to be friends with an Aquarius?

A friendship with an Aquarius is one that's built naturally and is likely to remain all your life. Aquarians are protective of the people they love, and as stubborn as they can sometimes be, they rarely get angry (via YourTango). While they can sometimes disappear into their own heads, for the most part they are among the most attentive listeners and caring people you can have close to you in your life. 

Your friendship is likely to grow over long, deep conversations. This is how this air sign comes to know, trust, and connect to you. And once they've counted you as a close friend, they will show up for you faithfully. As much as they care about the causes close to their hearts, they care about the people in their lives equally, and will protect, defend, support, and cheer for them with equal fervor. 

You can trust an Aquarius to keep whatever secrets you tell to them, and they are great at helping you analyze a situation or make a tough decision. All that time in their heads really does pay off.    

What careers are best suited to an Aquarius?

Considering that Aquarians care a lot about the world around them and about various causes, it's no surprise that they need a job with a purpose that they believe in if they are going to feel fulfilled by their careers. Because this air sign is so intelligent, so good with self-expression and language, and so able to spend a great deal of time thinking and analyzing as well as explaining their conclusions, there are a few careers that are particularly well-suited to this sign. 

Aquarians make great teachers, especially of older students (high school or college) and especially in subjects like English, Writing, or the sciences (via Monster). They also make wonderful case workers in the world of social work, as they have great attention to detail and a strong drive to improve the lives of others. Aquarians also make great scientists, as they like to analyze, think, and report on their findings. They may also thrive in tech jobs like software engineering or computer programming. 

Essentially, as long as they can use their vast intelligence to make some positive difference in the world around them, Aquarians are likely to be happy in their work.  

Who are some famous Aquarians?

There are several celebrities who do perfect justice to their sign of Aquarius, and now that you know so much about common Aquarian traits, you likely won't be a bit surprised when you learn who they are (via Yahoo Finance). Oprah Winfrey is an Aquarius, and boy is she a perfect one! She cares a lot about the world and her fellow human beings, as was always clear from her long-running talk show. She is also a fantastic communicator and a very even-tempered person, as well as a good listener. Aquarius all around! 

Harry Styles is another Aquarius, and his magnanimous worldview and caring heart are constantly praised by his fans. Basketball star Michale Jordan also shares this air sign, as does musician Alicia Keys. Shakira is an Aquarius, as are Kerry Washington, Jennifer Aniston, and Paris Hilton. Portia de Rossi, Brandy, and Chris Rock round out this list of unique, talented Aquarians.