Expert Stylists' Weirdest Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

Who among us doesn't love a good life hack? Time and energy are precious commodities, so when an expert figures out an easier path that saves these resources, I am all in. And if that hack leaves me looking and feeling good, then that's even better.

There are so many beauty hacks out there, but it's hard to know which ones will actually achieve results. We checked in with some of the leading stylists and beauty experts to find out what secrets they've been keeping. Get ready to go on a scavenger hunt around your house for some of the oddest supplies. It will be worth it!

Combat oily skin

Simply brushing powder over your oily skin might work for the morning, but by lunchtime you're back to that glistening look. Before heading out for the day, grab some Milk of Magnesia. Makeup artist, Erin Guth recommends it as "an excellent and affordable primer." Simply shake the bottle, apply a thin layer to your oily areas, and rub it in. Finish up with your regular foundation and makeup, and you're good to go!

If you're feeling greasy at work, duck into the ladies' room and grab a toilet seat cover. Guth uses them as blotting sheets and says "they absorb wonderfully!"

On trend

Keeping up with the latest trends can be challenging, especially if they leave you looking like you just finished a preschool art project. Shimmery eye shadow is a fun trend, but who wants to walk around all day with glitter falling on their face? Guth recommends using a small piece of scotch tape to quickly and gently remove any glitter from the rest of your face.

On the go

Want to keep looking fresh all day without carrying around your entire makeup bag? Just throw a berry lip gloss in your car or purse. "I apply it to my lips, then dab the excess with my finger and rub it onto the apples of my cheeks," says Guth. "It is a super quick way to add life and a glow to my face."

Care for your wet hair

When your hair is looking damaged, treat it gently, especially when it's wet. Celebrity stylist Justine Marjan recommends avoiding using a towel to dry your hair after the shower. "Wet hair is elastic and fragile, and the harsh fibers from a towel can make your hair worse," explains Marjan. "Instead, gently squeeze out moisture with an old cotton t-shirt." Maybe save yours and just grab your boyfriend's old t-shirt. He'll never notice!

And while you're at it, don't even think about putting your hair up when it's still wet. An elastic can pull and break the fragile hair.

Repair your locks

Damaged hair needs a restorative conditioner. Hair stylist Jarrod Harms recommends blow drying damaged hair with a blow dry cream and boar bristle brush. "Once dry, add a polishing gloss layer by rubbing an appropriate amount of an oil such as argan oil, or even a few drops of olive oil over the top," he recommends. "As the light catches and reflects, hair will appear to have new life."

To repair damaged hair, look no further than your kitchen cabinets. Marjan recommends rinsing hair with apple cider vinegar mixed with water. Doing this after a shower will "close down the cuticle layer of the hair and restore shine."

To really restore shine, Marjan recommends making your own hair mask with one tablespoon coconut oil and one teaspoon honey. "Because honey is a humectant and coconut oil is so moisturizing, the combination makes sure the moisture really locks into dry strands."

If your scalp is the one who needs a little extra love, don't put the coconut oil away just yet. Dani Everson of Clementine's Salon recommends natural coconut oil to alleviate dryness. "It works wonders for dry, flaky, or dandruff-prone scalps."

Protect your color

We all know how expensive coloring your hair can be, so if you're going to shell out the money, it better last. Celebrity colorist, Michael Boychuck recommends using a leave-in conditioner to protect your gorgeous color. "To keep long lasting-shine and vibrant color, shampoo and condition the hair as usual, towel-dry and work the product into the ends and style as usual," says Boychuck. "If the hair needs a bit of repair, air-dry once or twice a week to give it a break and keep color intact."

Harms helps his clients stay on trend with icy blondes and greys, as well as tips on maintaining their color. "Unfortunately, hair's natural tendency after being bleached so light is turn yellowish and appear slightly darker." To protect your new color, Harms recommends trying a violet-colored conditioner. "It makes the hair feel great, delivers extra moisture and flexibility, and most importantly, gives incredible toning to make the hair grey again."

Haven't been to the colorist in a while? No problem! Everson recommends brushing some eyeshadow onto your roots. "It's not always possible to get to your stylist as soon as greys start showing," she says. "This hack helps for those times between coloring."

Amp the volume

To achieve long, luscious locks, all you need to do is make a few small tweaks in your styling. For more volume, Marjan recommends conditioning your hair first, then shampooing. "Conditioner can often been too heavy for fine hair types," she explains. "So if you want lots of volume, condition first!"

When you're drying your hair, hang your head upside down or simply blow dry in the opposite direction you plan to wear your hair. Thanks gravity!

Finally, Marjan likes to use a clarifying shampoo at least once per week to "remove build-up or residue that may be weighing the hair down."

Harms likes to hide "super texturized" hair at the scalp for effortless lift. He recommends using a mini crimping iron or combing the hair towards the scalp then pressing with a straightener. "After creating the texture, brush it out for expansive volume," he says. "Make sure to leave enough smooth hair around hairline or the part to cover the crimped areas."

Gorgeous lashes

There's nothing like thick, dark eyelashes to make you look rejuvenated and sexy. Lash expert and founder of Sugarlash, Courtney Buhler, has the ultimate secret. Once you've applied your first coat of mascara, sprinkle your lashes with baby powder or cornstarch. "Follow up with multiple coats of a different mascara following the powder," says Buhler. "This gives some mega volume!"

If you go the false lashes route, Buhler recommends curling them around your finger before applying. "This helps them warm up, become more flexible and sit nicely on your eye."