The Trump Children Live Insanely Lavish Lives

For the Trump children, being born with a silver spoon in their mouths has afforded them the best opportunities and possessions money can buy. With a father whose net worth is reportedly $2.5 billion, they all enjoy the finer things in life from golden strollers to Gucci bags. As of result of his three marriages, Donald Trump has five children who want for nothing. Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka are from his first wife, Ivana. His fourth child, Tiffany, was born from his relationship with Marla Maples, and Barron, whose mother is First Lady Melania Trump, is his youngest. 

From birth, they lived in extravagant multimillion-dollar homes in Manhattan and the suburbs of New York. As they got older, their educational backgrounds in prep schoolsboarding schools, and Ivy League colleges paved the way for future success.

Although money cannot buy happiness, it can surely open doors to many enjoyable experiences. Trump's children can be found in the front row at New York fashion shows, teeing off at Trump-owned golf clubs, and taking an exorbitant amount of vacations all over the globe. Here's a look into what it means to be a child of Trump and the lavish lifestyle it affords.

Ivanka Trump's wedding dress and engagement ring both had hefty price tags

In high school, Ivanka Trump started her career as a fashion model due to her father's ties to Elite Model Management Corp, according to Vanity Fair. In the late 1990s, she walked the runways of Marc Bouwer, Enrico Coveri, and Thierry Mugler. Her face also graced the cover of Seventeen magazine and was a part of ads for brands like Tommy Hilfiger (via BuzzFeed).

Therefore, it came as no surprise that, for her wedding to Jared Kushner in 2009, she made high-end sartorial choices. On the day she tied the knot, she wore a custom-made Vera Wang wedding gown that is estimated to have cost $50,000 (via The Cut). The lacey dress was said to have been inspired by style icon Grace Kelly (via PopSugar). Ivanka told Brides, "I would say I am a traditional/classic bride. This style is translated in my dress and jewelry choice."

To accessorize, she donned jewelry handpicked from her own brand, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, which included a diamond hair piece for $45,000, a platinum diamond bracelet for $90,000, and $130,000 earrings. As for her custom-made diamond engagement ring, Express reported that it is worth more than $500,000.

Before moving to the White House, Barron Trump had his own floor in a Manhattan penthouse

Donald Trump and wife Melania Trump welcomed their son Barron Trump in 2006. His first home was a penthouse in Trump Tower, a 68-story skyscraper located in the heart of Manhattan. As People reported at the time, his digs included an entire floor above his parents' bedroom, with not only a nursery but a kitchen, living room, and nanny's quarters. The building Barron spent his childhood in, which is located on the world-famous Fifth Avenue, boasts three restaurants, a 60-foot waterfall, and a shopping atrium. Not too shabby!

It should come as no surprise that Barron was reportedly in no rush to move into the White House. After Donald's inauguration, Melania and Barron waited months to relocate to their new D.C residence so Barron could finish the school year in New York (via Town & Country). In June of 2017, they finally made the move, with Melania tweeting, "Looking forward to the memories we'll make in our new home!" According to Yahoo! News, Barron's room there was set up specifically with him in mind and all his favorite drinks and food are always stocked in the fridge. 

Barron Trump had a motorcade take him to school every morning in NYC

When he called New York home, Barron Trump attended an elite New York prep school, Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. According to the educational institution's website, tuition is $54,640 a year for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. BuzzFeed News learned that Donald Trump's foundation donated $150,000 to his son's school. 

Following Donald's inauguration, TMZ reported that Barron and his mother, Melania Trump, were escorted via motorcade every morning on their way to his school. Streets in New York were also blocked in order to get them to their destination quickly and safely. 

After settling into the White House over the summer of 2017, Barron began his studies that fall at Maryland's St. Andrew's Episcopal School. According to USA Today, Melania praised the pricey school, whose yearly tuition is up to $44,590. "It is known for its diverse community and commitment to academic excellence," she said. This choice was a departure from where presidential children have usually studied, as the Obamas and Clintons went to Sidwell Friends while living in the White House.

Ivanka Trump got her first manicure at age 7 at the Ritz in Paris

From a young age, Ivanka Trump has been getting pampered. In an interview with New Beauty, she dished on her first experience at a spa. "My mother took me for my first manicure at age 7 at the Ritz in Paris, prior to attending the couture shows," she said. "I remember feeling so grown up and incredibly proud and chic." The hotel's famed salon, the Ritz Club Paris is considered one of the most luxurious in the entire city.

As an adult, Ivanka still prioritizes her looks and even employs a makeup artist, who has been doing her hair and makeup since 2005 (via Refinery29). The first daughter also treats herself to posh beauty options. On Instagram, she shared a video of her children washing their hands with imported soap with a $39 price tag. The Daily Mail spotted the high-end cleanser in the shot, and recognized the brand as Aesop, an Australian body care company.

As for the second Trump daughter, Tiffany Trump also indulges in the finest hand care. She once posted nail polish on social media from celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann that sells for $20 a bottle.

All but one of the adult Trump children graduated from an Ivy League college

Donald Trump graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League university in Philadelphia. He studied at their prestigious Wharton School, which U.S. News and World Report ranked as the No. 1 business school in the nation. To show his pride, Donald name-drops the school whenever possible (via The Daily Pennsylvanian). Therefore, it's only fitting that he made sure the Trump children followed in his educational footsteps.

Donald Trump Jr. also attended Wharton, and The Daily Pennsylvanian claimed that the senior Donald donated $100,000 to the Penn Club of New York during his son's freshman year. It's no secret that, during his time there, Donald Jr. had a reputation for excessive partying, and he told New York Magazine, "To be fairly candid, I used to drink a lot and party pretty hard." Ivanka Trump also spent her college years at Wharton, making their 40 under 40 list

In 2016, Tiffany Trump graduated from UPenn and commemorated it via Instagram. To further her education, she went on to Georgetown Law, becoming the first of the Trump clan to do so. Upon her graduation, her father tweeted, "Great student, great school. Just what I need is a lawyer in the family." 

The only sibling who did not attend their father's alma mater was Eric Trump, who instead opted for Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. (via Business Insider).

Tiffany Trump spends a lot of money vacationing and partying

The only daughter of Donald Trump and Marla Maples, Tiffany Trump is known to keep a low profile (via The New York Times). As the only adult of the Trump children without a role on his White House staff or in the Trump Organization as of this writing, she is the least-known offspring. However, she uses her time out of the spotlight to enjoy the many nice things that being a Trump child brings. 

As a member of what The New York Times refers to as "The Snap Pack," a "young, wealthy and itinerant group," she is famous for taking photos and videos for Instagram and Snapchat during nights out in New York City. When she steps out in Manhattan, she gets a three-vehicle convoy to accompany her. Outside the country, Tiffany has racked up bills for extravagant escapades like a trip to Berlin that reportedly cost taxpayers $22,439 in hotel costs for the Secret Service, as reported by CBS News, and another to Serbia that amounted to $23,000 in fees, according to Quartz.

As for her boyfriend in 2020, Michael Boulos, he's no stranger to living the high life. With a net worth of $20 million, he's an heir to the fortune of his father, who owns multibillion-dollar companies (via Town & Country).

The Trump children spend holidays at a 60-room estate

During their childhood, the Trump children spent their summers and weekends in a 50,000 square-foot mansion called Seven Springs in Westchester, N.Y. In an interview with Forbes, Eric Trump reminisced about the memorable times he had there, learning the strong Trump work ethic. "I've spent so much time learning the art of the deal here on this property," he recalled. "It's a special place for me, and one that I'll always remember."

The grounds consist of 230 acres, and the house has 60 rooms. It even includes a bowling alley and three pools, according to Town & Country. Besides having this home as a retreat, the Trump children also have a tropical getaway in Palm Beach, Fla., at their father's Mar-a-Lago estate. Their dad turned the house into a private club, complete with a 20,000-square-foot ballroom, a library stacked with rare books, and gold-plated sinks (via Town & Country). When the Trumps vacation in this opulent oasis, they stay in their own private wing. 

According to Vanity Fair, this was the place that Ivana Trump and her children escaped to during her husband's cheating scandal with Marla Maples.

One of Donald Trump Jr.'s hunting trips reportedly cost taxpayers $75K

Hunting is one of Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump's favorite pastimes, and they accumulate hefty bills while partaking in the sport. According to Vanity Fair, the duo first learned the art of the hunt in Europe with their maternal grandfather. With a prominent job as the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, Donald Jr. still makes time to hone his hunting skills. Just one of his trips to Mongolia cost taxpayers close to $75,000, according to Crew. He also reportedly planned to build an entire room in his $4.5 million-dollar Hamptons home to store his gun collection (via New York Post).

As for his brother Eric, he sometimes comes along on Donald Jr.'s hunting adventures, and the pair can stir up controversy. In 2012, photos were released by TMZ of them in Zimbabwe, posing with a dead elephant, waterbuck, crocodile, kudu, and civet cat. At the time, a representative from an animal rights group told the outlet, "Privilege has clearly not bought them the sensitivity or wisdom to view the world as anything but their personal playground, including the imagined entitlement to end the lives of sensitive and social animals for mere amusement."

Eric Trump's wife wore two Vera Wang dresses at their wedding

In 2014, Eric Trump married Lara Yunaska at the family's Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, and the bride spared no expense when it came to walking down the aisle in style. According to People, she donned not one, but two Vera Wang gowns on her big day.

"It was the first dress that I tried on and actually felt like a bride," she told People of the first ornate ensemble, which had a 13-foot train. "I knew that I needed a dress that would be seen from even the farthest guest's viewpoint!" She then changed into a second, which was a mermaid gown with intricate embroidery. Other details of their nuptials were just as fancy, with their venue decorated with 10,000 flowers and hundreds of dangling crystals (via Wedding Style). Guests also indulged in delicacies like caviar and Cristal champagne (via Daily Mail).

The couple now has two children, and Lara lives in the lap of luxury due to her father-in-law's affluence. In fact, she gets to work from home as a Trump campaign senior advisor (via Fox News). HuffPost revealed that she's paid an annual salary of $180,000. 

Ivanka Trump once spent $1,100 on a haircut

With yearly earnings of $36 million in outside income, it's safe to say Ivanka Trump has a big chunk of change to devote to her self-care regimen. Since her hairstyles are known to generate buzz, to tame her lustrous locks, she enjoys the best haircuts money can buy.

According to the Daily Mail, for a routine haircut and highlights, she once shelled out $1,100. The grandiose visit took place at the Oscar Blandi Salon on Madison Avenue in New York. The celebrity stylist there also works on the manes of Mariah Carey, Robin Wright, and Maria Menounos (via New Beauty). 

Another part of her spa routine includes a Turkish Hammam at Trump SoHo, which was inspired by a visit to Turkish baths in Istanbul. "The treatment allows for complete relaxation and leaves you feeling exhilarated," she told New Beauty. To complete her trendy-yet-sophisticated look, Ivanka always chooses outfits of equally expensive caliber. To assist with her appearance, she even works with a celebrity stylist (via Town & Country), and it shows. For the very first state dinner she attended for her father's administration, she turned heads with a $12,888 pink ruffle gown (via Yahoo! Life).

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump opened a golf club in Dubai

The president is often criticized for playing golf, especially when the country falls on hard times. In fact, Yahoo! News reported that, during the coronavirus pandemic, he was found blowing off steam on the course a staggering 25 times by September 2020.

He owns an impressive 19 golf clubs, and his chips off the old block are actively involved in the acquisition of these sprawling properties. A month after their father took office, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump wasted no time in adding a club to their growing roster. The pair traveled to Dubai to open Trump International Golf Club (via Golf). According to its website, the course is 7,300 yards with a 30,000-square-foot clubhouse, restaurant, lounge, fitness center, and pool. There are also reportedly plans to open a second golf club in Dubai, Trump World Golf Club, Dubai, which will be designed by golf icon Tiger Woods.

Notably, on a trip the boys took to Dubai to check on the club and attend the wedding of their business partner's daughter, they racked up $73,000 in security costs (via CBS News).

Eric Trump basically inherited his own winery from his father

Eric Trump serves as the owner and president of Trump Winery, the largest winery on the East Coast. Trump-branded whites, reds, and sparkling wines are all bottled on the Charlottesville, Va. grounds. The property is also home to a 26,000-square-foot 45-room mansion that serves as a hotel with a croquet lawn, card room, hot tubs, and a movie theater.

According to the company's website, Eric is at the helm of all aspects of winemaking and oversees sales, marketing, and global distribution at the property Donald Trump purchased in 2011. Over the years, Eric has gotten into hot water for insensitively promoting the collection at serious times during the Trump administration. Not long before his father's impeachment trial, he infamously tweeted, "It is a perfect day for a nice bottle of this. These people are ... insane." He included a photo of a bottle of 2016 vintage Trump Meritage Monticello red wine. On the day that his dad put a temporary hold on some green cards (via Salon), he wrote in a since-deleted tweet, "The team at @TrumpWinery has you covered if your quarantine wine supply is running low! Check us out." 

The Trump children have two ice skating rinks with their name on them

Not many children can claim to have ice skated on their very own public rinks. But, because of their father, the Trump children have made fond memories gliding over the ice in Central Park. In 1986, Donald Trump took over the project of renovating the Wollman Rink in New York with over $2 million dollars worth of work (via The New York Times). In an interview with The New York Times, he said, "I don't want my name attached to losers. So far the Wollman Rink has been one of the great losers. I'll make it a winner.”

Trump made that dream a reality, and has since been tied to two Central Park skating rinks, including Lasker Rink. His children are proud to call the coveted landmarks their own. Ivanka Trump posted a throwback photo on Instagram, fondly remembering ice skating with mom Ivana "at The Trump Rink." The doting mother passed the sport onto the next generation of Trumps to enjoy the rink with views of the city's impressive skyline. In 2015, Ivanka took to Instagram to show a photo of daughter Arabella's first time learning to ice skate there.

The Trump children spend millions on homes in the best zip codes

Being accustomed to residing in the lap of the luxury, the Trump children naturally only choose to live in the nicest homes in the swankiest zip codes in the nation.

In New York, which holds a special place in the hearts of the Trump family, Donald Trump Jr. purchased a $4.4 million property in Bridgehampton on 3.9 acres (via Variety). Eric and Lara Trump bought a home in Westchester in a town called Briarcliff Manor, along the Hudson River. Homes in that neighborhood are sold for an average of $736,987 (via Zillow). Living there affords the couple lavish opportunities like going on picturesque horseback rides. "I'm out there riding every chance I get; it's one of my favorite things to do," Lara told Westchester Magazine.

Back in D.C., Ivanka Trump, husband Jared Kushner, and their three children live in a six-bedroom, seven-bathroom house in Kalorama (via According to Zillow, homes there cost an average of $1.39 million. This is the same neighborhood the Obama family moved to after leaving the White House. "It's home to leaders of industry, major philanthropists, politicos, ambassadors, sports team owners," a local realtor told Town & Country.