10 Questions To Ask If You Think He's Leading You On

He flirts with you, and he seems genuinely interested in being with you. At times, he makes you feel really special. But sometimes he can be distant, moody, and a complete jerk. You like him, but there's a small part of you that thinks he might be toying with your emotions. Is he leading you on? You're not entirely sure! Don't let yourself be fooled by his charm and seemingly perfect personality. If you can't tell whether or not he's leading you on, ask him these 10 questions. His answers will tell you everything you need to know about your relationship.

What do you want?

It\'s important to know what a guy wants! You need to know his exact mindset before you try and start a relationship with him. You\'re searching for love, and he might just be looking for a hook-up. Having this information early, would save you both a lot of time and energy. If you want to be with someone who\'s serious, you need to know if he wants the opposite. Either way, make sure you\'re both on the same page. Don\'t let yourself be led on simply because you\'re too afraid to ask the tough questions.

What\'s your favorite thing about me?

Is he constantly complimenting you? It\'s as if he likes everything about you! We\'re not saying you\'re not amazing – because you are! It just feels like he\'s trying too hard to keep you interested in him. Probably, because he is. But what exactly is he complimenting? You can if tell a guy\'s leading you on by what he likes most about you. If he\'s only talking about your physical appearance, it\'s because that\'s all he\'s focused on.

Why do you always call me at night?

He hardly ever calls, and if he does, it\'s always at night. No, it\'s not a coincidence – it\'s a booty call. Calling takes time, effort, and an interest in talking to you. He\'s not calling you because he doesn\'t want to! He doesn\'t care how your day\'s going, he only wants to know if you\'re free tonight. He\'s leading you on, and he\'s not doing a very good job at hiding it. If he was really interested, he would text you during the day and not just after hours.

Why don\'t you ever plan anything romantic?

He doesn\'t plan anything romantic. Come to think of it, he doesn\'t plan anything at all! You\'re the one constantly making the suggestions, and he\'s just along for the ride. He doesn\'t put in any effort, and it\'s probably because he doesn\'t care. You can tell he\'s leading you on by how little he tries to make you happy. You deserve someone who works hard to impress you. If he\'s half-assing the relationship, it\'s because he doesn\'t care about the outcome. He\'s fine with you, and he would be fine with out you. Don\'t be with someone whose heart isn\'t truly in the relationship.

Does your family know about me?

If a guy\'s serious about the relationship, he\'ll tell his parents about you. We\'re not saying he\'ll tell his family everything, but they\'ll at least know your name. If he really likes you, he won\'t be able to keep you a secret. His friends, family, and even coworkers will know that he\'s in a relationship. If they don\'t, there\'s probably a reason. He doesn\'t think you\'ll be around that long, and that\'s why he hasn\'t bothered to mention you to his family.

Can we hang out just the two of us?

You two rarely go on one-on-one dates. Instead, most of your time is spent surrounded by a group of people. He never wants to see just you! If he did, he would ask you on actual dates. Your weekends would include romantic dinners, not just bar-hopping with his buddies. If you keep receiving texts like, \"my friends and I are going out tonight, wanna meet up?\" take it as a sign — he\'s not as invested in the relationship as you are.

Are you interested in other girls?

Flirting with other girls is a sure sign he\'s leading you on. Make sure you\'re paying attention to what he does. Does he lock his phone around you? Is he constantly wanting to go out with \"just the guys?\" Do you catch him checking girls out when he thinks you aren\'t looking? It\'s important to be aware of his actions along with his words. If he\'s treating you like an option, it\'s because he sees you as one. You aren\'t an option!

Why don\'t you post pictures of us together?

If there\'s no photographic evidence, does the relationship really exist? We live in a time where pictures matter! Couples want people to know they\'re in a relationship. That\'s why they post pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. He hasn\'t posted a single picture of the two of you together? That\'s suspicious. If he\'s not advertising your relationship, it\'s because he doesn\'t want people to know. He might be embarrassed of you or he might want other girls to think he\'s single. Either way, he\'s not taking the relationship as seriously as he should.

Why don\'t you call me your girlfriend?

He doesn\'t introduce you as his girlfriend. This is one of the biggest signs you\'re not in a real relationship. If he\'s calling you his \"girlfriend,\" then he\'s serious about you. If he introduces you as his \"friend,\" then he\'s not. It\'s as simple as that. He might say he\'s uncomfortable with titles, but that\'s nonsense. It\'s not that he\'s uncomfortable with titles, he just doesn\'t want to be titled as your boyfriend. Instead of being truthful, he\'s lying in an attempt to keep you around. He\'s not calling you his girlfriend, because he doesn\'t want the commitment.

Do you see a future for us?

He\'s not making long-term plans. We\'re not saying he doesn\'t plan at all, just not with you. He\'s not talking about your future, because he knows you two don\'t have a future together. If a guy\'s serious about you, he\'ll plan things more than a few days in advance. Does everything you two do seem last minute? Go ahead and take that as a sign. You deserve more than simply being an afterthought.