Everything Your Stylist Wants You To Know But Won't Tell You

A good hairstylist is hard to find. When you finally find The One, hold onto him or her as if your life depends on it — and always tip them well. Stylists are a wealth of knowledge, but they're also being paid for what they do, so they might not tell you everything. After dealing with countless hairstylists over the years, we've uncovered a few secrets of the trade you just have to know about before your next appointment.

They don't want you to wash your hair every day

You've probably heard that you don't need to wash your hair every day, but are you actually abiding by that rule? Because you totally should! Your hairstylist will thank you. If you wash your hair every single day, you're stripping it of its natural oils, which can dry out your scalp when absent. This can actually lead to an overproduction of oil. When you stop washing your hair every day, there will be an adjustment period, but your hair will ultimately adapt and be healthier overall.

They reward loyalty

If you're one of those people who bounce around between hair salons, you're doing it wrong. It's a little risky to go to different stylists who aren't familiar with your hair. Plus, hairstylists reward loyal customers. If you find a stylist you love, stick with them. You'll be privy to discounts, salon appointments on a whim, and more — especially if you stay with them for years.

They want you to be honest

You know what stylists really hate? Lying customers. If you think telling a hairstylist you love your cut or color when you actually hate it is a good idea, think again. At the end of the day, you're paying for a service. Your stylist wants you to walk out as a satisfied customer. If you don't like the look, speak up so your stylist can fix it before you leave!

They want you to give detailed, specific instructions

No matter how long you've been seeing your stylist, don't just plop down in the chair and say, "Do whatever you want. I trust you!" You need to have at least some idea of the look you're going for. If you want "just want a trim," tell your stylist exactly how many inches you want off. Totally changing things up? Bring a picture, so it's easier for them to build towards what you wanted.

They don't want you to color your hair at home

Home dye experiments don't always work out as intended. Box dyes don't contain as many salon-quality or salon-strength chemicals, so you likely won't get the exact shade you're looking for and can easily damage your strands. Leave the coloring to the pros.

They want you to share their work, especially on social media

We understand feeling a little possessive of your hairstylist, but they run a business and want you to share the love! Tell your friends, family, and coworkers all about your stylist and the awesome work they do. Share before and after pics on your Instagram. Show your stylist some love, and he or she is bound to go that extra mile for you.

They'll listen, but they're not your therapist

You probably tell your hairstylist everything, especially since they're likely not involved in your day-to-day life. Ultimately, they're there to make you look good, not psychoanalyze your life. Of course, you can vent to your stylist about that guy at work who annoys the hell out of you. Just go easy on the deep, dark secrets because they're not licensed to deal with your issues.

They're not just trying to sell something if they recommend a product

It might seem like your stylist is trying to sell you unnecessary products, but they're not. They know which products legitimately work on your hair, and they want you to have an easier time styling at home. You don't have to buy the whole product line they suggest, but at least consider the fact that they know what they're talking about, since they work with beauty and styling products on a regular basis.