Things You Can Learn About Your Man From His BFF

Best friends are usually a reflection of one another, especially for guys. They tend to share similar interests and habits, while (generally) holding no secrets between them. If you want to know if your man is actually awesome, or just putting on a poker face, you need only look to his interactions with his best bud for the truth.

He's in it to win it

How long he's had his best friend by his side can say a lot about his willingness to put in the effort a relationship requires. If he and his BFF have been together most of their lives, you can speculate that they went through some things together over the years and still had the strength to make it out on the other side as best friends. Jobs, moves, girlfriends, personal tragedies ... none of these were able to tear them apart. With a lifelong BFF, you know your man has the experience and fortitude to fight through the tough times to make a relationship work if it's really worth it. You can't say the same thing about a guy who has a new best friend every year.

That perfect gift

Are you struggling to get your man that perfect birthday or anniversary present? Ask his best friend for advice. We all have our guilty pleasures, which his BFF would probably know. People with slightly dorkier, less mainstream hobbies can sometimes be hesitant to share them for fear of ridicule. If you get him a rad gift that he secretly wanted for a long time, he'll definitely appreciate it, and you.

He's a man of true character

Whose company we choose to keep is oftentimes a reflection of who we are. We tend to befriend those who share similar interests — birds of a feather and what not. If your man seems like a great guy, but his BFF is a horrible person, it should give you pause. Why would a person of great character keep the company of those without? Maybe your man isn't who you think he is, or maybe you misjudged his best friend. Either way, further investigation is warranted.

How to make him LOL for real

In a new relationship, there can be many barriers in getting to know the other person. Whether it's nerves or simply trying to put your best foot forward, we don't always show our full true selves right away. Seeing how your new beau and his BFF interact can give you insight into his sense of humor. Once you know what makes him laugh, you have a powerful tool at your disposal. Humor can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

If he thinks you're the one

Your man and his best buddy should know each other extremely well. Even if they don't talk about it frequently (how often do you think guys call each other up to just chat about their relationships?), his best friend knows how your man feels about you. If his good pal treats you like you're unimportant, it might be because you're unimportant to his friend, and ultimately him. If his best friend treats you as a VIP, it might be because his bro knows you mean the world to your man.