Chelsea Clinton's Latest Red Carpet Appearance Proves She's Her Mom Hillary's Clone

Those Clinton family genes sure are strong! This weekend, Chelsea Clinton headed to the Tribeca Film Festival 2024, and photos of the event prove that she got most of her looks from her mom's side of the family. Chelsea hit the red carpet looking exactly like her mom, Hillary Clinton, but the mother-daughter bond doesn't end with their appearance; they also love working on projects they're passionate about together.

Chelsea's dad, Bill Clinton, took office as the President of the United States in 1993 when Chelsea was just 13 years old, and she was 36 when her mom ran for president in 2016. Consequently, we've seen the former first daughter quite a bit over the years, and the public has watched Chelsea Clinton grow from a young girl living in the White House to an accomplished woman. At the time of this writing, Chelsea is 44 years old, so it's no wonder her resemblance to her mom is particularly apparent now. Hillary was 46 years old when Bill took office, and she became the first lady. As for what brought Chelsea to the red carpet, it just so happens that she was attending the world premiere of a project that is close to both her and her mom's hearts.

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton clearly love working together

Chelsea Clinton's Hillary-lookalike photos were taken at the world premiere of a documentary called "The Cranes Call" on June 9, 2024. The film was produced by HiddenLight Productions, the production company that Chelsea and Hillary co-counded in 2020. The documentary follows two women and their dedication to human rights work in Ukraine during the country's war with Russia. In addition to its place in the Tribeca Film Festival, the documentary was also featured in the 2024 Sheffield DocFest.   

In a 2022 interview with Variety, Hillary Clinton explained that HiddenLight Productions looks for projects "that shine a light on people doing important things, taking risks, being courageous, who in turn are inspirational." As the first ever woman to become the presidential nominee for one of the two major political parties back in 2016, it's easy to see why producing media about courageous risk-takers aligns with Hillary Clinton's life's work. And, the work she does alongside Chelsea doesn't stop here. In addition to HiddenLight Productions, the pair have also co-written two books together, including "The Book of Gutsy Women," a counterpart to their Apple TV+ docuseries, "Gutsy." This is one matching mother-daughter duo that makes a great team.