Bradley Cooper Debuts Awful New Beard & It's Screaming Hallmark Rom-Com Role Gone Wrong

Bradley Cooper has debuted a new facial hair look, and it's a little strange. In paparazzi photos taken on June 10, 2024, he could be seen with a mustache and short beard — except for the area below his bottom lip to the top of his chin, which has been completely shaved. Just a few days prior, on June 7, Cooper was photographed, and his beard was styled in the standard way, with no strangely bare spots.

Cooper's new facial hair seems to be unpopular. When Entertainment Tonight shared a photo of him with the look on X, formerly Twitter, one person sarcastically replied, "That's not unusual at all!" Another critic replied to Page Six's tweet about Cooper's new beard and said, "One man, 2 beards ... and an awful hairpiece." At least the negative reactions may sting less than people's reactions to Cooper's non-rhythmic dancing at the Eras Tour.

However, the "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor's new facial hair is somewhat familiar to Hallmark fans. Hallmark star Tyler Hynes has a similar — but better — beard, which can be seen on his Instagram.

Cooper and Hynes both have links to a majorly popular singer

Like Bradley Cooper's new beard, Tyler Hynes' beard also has a shaved spot around the chin. However, the inclusion of a little extra hair and a soul patch below Hynes' lip gives his beard a much more natural look than Cooper's. (The stylish beard isn't the only reason Hynes was chosen as the favorite Hallmark hunk, but it possibly helped.)

Something else that connects Cooper and Hynes, besides facial hair similarities, is a link to Taylor Swift. Cooper and his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, are friends with Swift and her NFL-playing boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Although he doesn't seem to have met the superstar, Hynes is something of a Swift fan himself and even appeared in a commercial full of Swiftie references for the Kansas City Chiefs — the team Kelce plays on.

Hynes has become a Hallmark veteran, starring in many of the network's projects such as "An Unexpected Christmas" and "Shifting Gears." In addition to viewers finding him very handsome, he has shared heartwarming words for fans that likely make them love him even more. Let's just hope he doesn't shave his soul patch.